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Could the QB carousel end with Sam Darnold in Chicago?

One NFL analyst is predicting the Chicago Bears will make a trade for Sam Darnold.

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

With Carson Wentz reported to be heading to the Indianapolis Colts for a third-round pick this year and a second-rounder in 2022 (that could conditionally end up a first), where does that leave the Chicago Bears as they search for their next quarterback?

There are still several players rumored to be available via trade, the 2021 NFL Draft could have five QBs go in the first round, and the free agent market does have some experienced starters available, but what makes the most sense for the Bears and general manager Ryan Pace.

I thought Pace showed restraint in not trying to trump the Colts offer for a reclamation project type of quarterback in Wentz, but at some point he’ll need to take a swing at someone.

There’s been some Derek Carr rumblings, the Deshaun Watson thing seems highly unlikely, free agent Dak Prescott is likely staying put, Russell Wilson is a pipe dream, but what about Sam Darnold?

ESPN’s Field Yates recently gave his predictions for all the starting quarterbacks in 2022, and he believes that Darnold makes sense in Chicago. Here’s what he had to say.

Part 2 of the Jets prediction is what happens to Darnold. The Bears need to win right away or organizational changes seem imminent, and while Darnold has much to prove, he has supporters within the NFL that could create a trade market.

Why would Chicago be willing to commit to Darnold in a trade and (likely) a fifth-year option when the Jets wouldn’t? Simple. Bears GM Ryan Pace has to be much more focused on 2021 than life beyond it. Darnold represents a likely upgrade over what the Bears have in place, and there’s certainly a chance he could rise under different circumstances than what he had in New York. But honestly, it’s hard to peg the Bears’ next starter.

Part 1 of his Jets scenario involves them taking Zack Wilson with their second draft pick this April, in which they’d most definitely look to move Darnold then.

If this was the big Bears swing at a new QB I would be severally underwhelmed. Darnold hasn’t impressed since being the third overall pick in 2018, and while some of that has to do with the awful team surrounding him in New York, he still hasn’t flashed nearly enough for me to think he can be the answer in Chicago.

Yates did nail the Wentz to Indy prediction, so we’ll see what happens with the rest of his guesses.

For those scoring at home, he also has the Panthers trading for Watson, Carr staying in Las Vegas, Seattle keeping Wilson, and Dak re-upping in Dallas.

A couple of his on-the-move picks are Ryan Fitzpatrick to Washington and Marcus Mariota to New England.

And for those wondering he doesn’t have Mitchell Trubisky landing a starting job in 2022.

Would Darnold in Chicago do anything for you guys?