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Where is your favorite place to watch the Super Bowl?

Watching The Super Bowl

For those that like to party, the Super Bowl is a great excuse to do just that. Whether you like to host your own shindig, head over to a friends house, or take in the game at a local establishment, people love to come together over food and football.

We tackled the food part of that equation yesterday when a few of our staffers shared their favorite Super Bowl food (including a few recipes), so today we posed the question; Where is your favorite place to watch the Super Bowl?

Here’s what some of our guys had to say.

Robert Zeglinski: I don’t have a favorite or go-to place, per se. As long as I’m with some combination of friends and family, anywhere is home watching the one American cultural event everyone still watches together at the same time.

Jack Salo: I’ve actually spent a few Super Bowls delivering pizzas, and boy let me tell you. Big. Freaking. Money. Drunk people generally tip well, if you’re at least able to read what they wrote on the receipt.

Sam Householder: My Bears Cave; my basement with my 55” TD and theatre seating.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter: My couch. That way, I can access my mini fridge stocked with beer and my bourbon pantry to my heart’s content, and ensure I’m sleeping at my own place for the night!

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: I’ve done the party thing a few times at friend’s houses, but I’ve never hosted a big gathering myself. Since I usually don’t care who wins I’m good going to a party and just grazing on the snacks while keeping tabs on the game, but honestly my favorite place is just chilling out at home.

And after telling us he never watches the Super Bowl live unless the Chicago Bears are playing, which means he’s only watched two live games and it also means he didn’t have any go-to food to share with us, today our Den-meister tells us how he does watch the game.

Ken Mitchell: Gamepass on my tablet as I ride the exercise bike, after the game has been condensed.

Where’s your fav place to take in the big game?