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Carson Wentz to the Bears rumors? While a slight improvement, he’s not an answer

The Bears are rumored to be exploring a trade for Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. If the Bears traded for Wentz and also drafted a quarterback, the quarterback room would be slightly improved. That doesn’t mean it’s fixed.

Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

It’s no secret the Bears have a quarterback problem. This past offseason, ESPN released a power rankings of sorts of how each team has fared at the ultimate position in sports in the Super Bowl era (1966 and on) and the Bears came up... you guessed it. Dead last. Of the Bears’ former quarterbacks, the writers were kind enough to bring up pre-injury McMahon as a plus, omitted Jay Cutler entirely (yes he’s the statistical “best” Bears QB in history but that’s a low freaking bar), and beat the dead horse of Cade McNown and Kordell Stewart as swing-and-misses of the Bears’ history.

Then in 2020, the Bears trotted out a couple of stinkers in Mitch Trubisky, 21st in Total QBR, and Nick Foles, 32nd. It’s no surprise that before the Super Bowl has even been played and the true NFL “offseason” has begun, the Bears have been linked to just about every quarterback presumed to be available via trade, draft, or free agency. Ever seen Finding Nemo? Bears fans on social media can be like those hilarious seagulls whenever a blue checkmark mentions a quarterback is available.

The latest in the never-ending-but-god-please-let-it-end Bears’ quarterback search is rumors that they’re bidding to trade for Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Wentz was drafted 2nd overall in 2016, had an outstanding 2017 season in which he looked like a bonafide MVP candidate, had a season-ending injury that allowed Nick Foles to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl win, and hasn’t seen much success in the league since. Despite struggles in 2018, the Eagles elected to sign Wentz to an enormous extension worth $128 million total. He fell further in 2019 and the Eagles showed their buyer’s remorse by drafting a potential replacement in Jalen Hurts. After Wentz again struggled in 2020, he was benched and the team is now exploring trade options.

Enter the Chicago Bears.

Per Over the Cap, Wentz still has 4 years remaining on his massive contract, but the last 2 years are easier on the dead cap hit, especially if the Eagles have already paid some or most of his bonus money. He’s not the answer, and yes the Bears absolutely need an answer at quarterback, but he is a clear upgrade at the position. If the Bears were to trade (not a first round pick) for Wentz, packaged Foles along to the only team he’s good with, and drafted a quarterback like Mac Jones, would that not be an improved quarterback room from 2020s Trubisky and Foles? Wentz and Jones sounds better to me.

If you’re thinking right now that the Bears need to stop bandaging wounds and start seeing a doctor about their quarterback sickness, you’re right. Wentz is not a long-term solution and he certainly won’t be worth a jersey buy.

He’s an improvement, though, as long as the Bears also draft a quarterback. That almost counts for something.

Just don’t send a first-round pick, for goodness sake.