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When will the Bears get back in the Super Bowl?

We wrap up our WCG Super Bowl roundtable with the tough question.

City Of Chicago Gears Up For Super Bowl Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

We had some fun with the first three questions of this Super Bowl roundtable, but we’re getting serious now and asked our guys their thoughts on when the Chicago Bears will get back to the Super Bowl.


Only two winning seasons in the last decade, and only two Super Bowl appearances ever makes this a tough one for Bears fans to give, but if I wanted to give things a positive spin I can point to their two playoff appearances in the last three years.

Even though there’s no postseason wins to celebrate, two out of three playoffs is still a lot better than some teams have done since 2018. The hope as Bears’ fans is that this team is on the upswing and not going downhill, but I tend to think they’re closer to the latter.

I share the same sentiment as most of my colleagues, which is the same notion most Bears’ fans have had all their lives. The Bears won’t be a perianal playoff contender until they find a quarterback.

I don’t see that happening this offseason, so I can’t even give an honest answer until the ‘good quarterback’ window is opened for them.

Here’s how a few other of our guys answered the question; When will the Bears get back in the Super Bowl?

Sam Householder: The easy answer is when they find a QB. Realistically I think it will be some time in the next ten years. Turn arounds aren’t crazy hard in the NFL and QBs can be found outside the top 10. Bears will just have to get good decision makers.

Jack Salo: I’m sure the common answer will be “once they get a quarterback” so I’ll go ahead and bounce it a slightly different way. Quarterbacks don’t win Super Bowls in their rookie year, they very rarely win in their second year and most don’t even make it deep in playoffs until after their rookie deals are complete. The Bears absolutely have to draft a quarterback every year until they get it right, but then they also have to spend a few years building the team around him once they have the guy. I don’t think anybody on the current roster will be on the team when the Bears finally do win a ‘ship, because they’ll have to blow this team up. So yes, once they find a quarterback worth my $120 jersey, they’ll be in the conversation. Then 3-4 years after that they’ll get it done.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter: As soon as they find a QB. Not to be vague, but that’s the reality. Once they find their QB, everything else is in place- TED. GET OFF MY COMPUTER. NOW.

Robert Zeglinski: The Super Bowl? The Bears? (Those two subjects don’t belong in the same sentence.)

Let’s be very frank: I’d be just as happy with a playoff win over a dingy 6-10 team at this point. The Bears returning to the Big Game is just as likely as pigs literally flying. I’m not talking artificially attached wings or someone flinging a pig out of a cannon. I’m referring to full scale evolution, with pigs actually developing their own organic wings before the Bears make another Super Bowl trip.

I’d otherwise say they’d return to February again eventually in my lifetime. There’s too much random luck involved to completely rule them out of one whole Super Bowl berth in the next half century or so. But considering most older Bears fans said the very same thing when they were my age, and taking the current state of the world into account, I’m not optimistic the “rest” of my lifetime is all that long anymore!

Bear Down, Chicago Bears. I don’t think it’d be accurate to label them the pride and joy of Illinois anymore, but hey, I’m no marketing guru.

Ken Mitchell: 2021, and after they win it following a perfect 17-0 regular season they will join the exclusive “undefeated” club with the Dolphins.