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What do the latest odds say about the next Bears quarterback?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Just when we think we know all the players in the 2021 quarterback trade sweepstakes, the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson has an interesting response when asked about rumors he was on the trade block.

“I’m not sure if I’m available or not,” Wilson said when asked about the rumors while a guest on the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday. “That’s a Seahawks question.”

He followed that interview up with one on The Athletic Seattle where he expressed frustrations with the pass protection he’s received during his time in Seattle, and when asked if he was frustrated with Seahawks he said via an ESPN conference call, “I’m frustrated with getting hit too much.”

I can’t see Wilson getting traded, but strange things happen every offseason in the NFL. released a slew of odds on where a few quarterbacks will end up if they are traded, and as expected, the QB needy Chicago Bears are mentioned in each group. Full odds in the link above, but here are a few teams listed for each quarterback.

Russell Wilson’s next team if traded

Las Vegas Raiders 5/1
Dallas Cowboys 6/1
Washington Football Team 8/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 8/1
Denver Broncos 10/1
San Francisco 49ers 10/1
Miami Dolphins 12/1
Indianapolis Colts 12/1
Chicago Bears 15/1
Carolina Panthers 15/1
New England Patriots 15/1

Deshaun Watson’s next team if traded

New York Jets 5/2
Miami Dolphins 3/1
Denver Broncos 6/1
Carolina Panthers 7/1
Chicago Bears 8/1
Indianapolis Colts 8/1
Philadelphia Eagles 12/1
Washington Football Team 12/1

There’s just no way that Watson will go back to Houston, that relationship is beyond repair, but I still don’t see any way the Bears can swing a deal for him.

Carson Wentz’s next team if traded

Indianapolis Colts 3/2
Chicago Bears 2/1
Carolina Panthers 5/1
Washington Football Team 8/1
Denver Broncos 12/1

While the Wentz trade rumors and reports have slowed, the Colts and the Bears are still the top two teams mentioned when any insider is asked about it. It would see the Eagles are going to hold firm on getting a better offer for as long as possible, but if either the Colts and Bears swing another deal they’ll lose what little leverage they think they have.

Earlier today it was reported that the Colts had interest in trading for Atlanta’s Matt Ryan. but who knows if that’s real or just some posturing from Indianapolis to get the Eagles to come down off their requests.

There are other quarterbacks that have been rumored to be on the block, and I would expect some of those to heat back up while the Eagles drag their feet.

Philly owes a roster bonus to Wentz next month, so they’ll need to get him out before that comes due, because at this point there’s no way they’ll keep him to back upJalen Hurts.