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What’s holding up a Wentz trade?

Mike Kaye of has some inside insight on the inevitable Carson Wentz trade from the three key teams involved.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Things have quieted down on the Carson Wentz trade, and most insiders believe it’s because the Philadelphia Eagles are refusing to come down on their expectations in a trade package. They originally were seeking something along the lines of what the Detroit Lions got when they moved Matthew Stafford to the Rams, but Wentz is coming off a horrible season, and the the Lions got a sweetener in their deal to take on the huge contract of Jared Goff.

There’s no way that Eagles general manager Howie Rosman should expect two first round picks and a third rounder for his quarterback.

Everyone still has the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts as the top two teams chasing Wentz, but there have been occasional rumors of a third team getting involved.

Mike Kaye, Eagles beat writer from from, has a source with knowledge of the trade talks from the Eagles’ side of things that shared some insight on the negotiations. He reports that the teams talking with the Eagles have refused to meet their demands and that the teams have all maintained discipline in their talks.

From the Colts side of things Kaye has a source that claims Indianapolis is asking for “additional compensation — a player, players or picks — along with Wentz in order to get close to the Eagles’ demands.”

As far as the Bears go, Kaye is reporting that they “are growing impatient,” with Philadelphia and that Chicago believes “the Eagles have overvalued Wentz.”

Kaye’s report would jibe with much of what has been reported on and speculated about the last couple days.

The longer this plays out the less leverage the Eagles have, because Wentz is due a roster bonus mid March.

There’s likley a top offer in now, but Philly is holding out for more. Insiders all believe a Wentz trade is still inevitable, so at this point it’s about which team will give in first. All things being close to equal, the Eagles would probably want to ship Wentz to the AFC, so the Bears may need to make sure there’s no doubt with what they offer if they truly believe Wentz is their best option at quarterback.

For some more perspective on this situation, check out what NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport had to say on the Rich Eisen Show.