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The latest news is... there is no news.

UCLA v Stanford Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There’s literally zero actual news happening right now in regards to the Chicago Bears and a possible Russell Wilson trade, but a simple Tweet by former ESPN reporter Josina Anderson has caused all of Bears Twitter to collectively hold their breath.

Odds are it has absolutely nothing to do with the Bears or Wilson, but that hasn’t stopped social media from losing their minds before. Bears’ fans have been refreshing their Twitter feeds non-stop since Anderson sent that Tweet, and last I checked she hasn’t sent a thing since.

The only small bit of buzz right now, if you even want to call it buzz, is that sportsbooks are rumored to be altering their future odds for the Bears winning the next Super Bowl and that they are removing odds of Russell Wilson’s next team. I say “rumored” because I’m not a gambler so I have no idea what the odds were earlier today in comparison to what they are right now, but twitter is telling me this is happening.

Bears fans are starving for news about our new quarterback, whomever it ends up being, and with 2021 free agency less than a week away we’re grasping for anything right now.

Regardless of how unlikely it may be.

But I think we should all relax and listen to Ben right now...