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Report: Allen Robinson to accept and sign his franchise tag

After earlier reports that he wouldn’t sign it, Robinson has come around...a sign of another shoe about to drop?

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

On an evening full of breaking Chicago Bears news, the latest development is that their franchise tagged wide receiver, Allen Robinson will sign his tender, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network:

This, of course set off a firestorm of more tweets, rumors and thoughts that this could mean something bigger (i.e. a trade) is in the works.

However, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune quickly shot that down:

It’s no secret Robinson is frustrated by the lack of contract talks, with him saying the two sides haven’t spoken since before the season. Robinson deserves to get paid and if it isn’t going to happen here, why not get sent to greener pastures, get paid and possibly play with a better quarterback?

All of those things have been missing from much of Robinson’s career.

In his three seasons in Chicago Robinson caught 255 passes for 3,151 yards and 17 touchdowns. He’s 15th in career franchise receiving yards, 11th in receptions and 23rd in touchdowns. If he does play in Chicago this season or beyond he could very well rewrite the receiving records for the team.

As it is, this could be the end of his time in Chicago or this could be a springboard to something longer term.

Which would you prefer?