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Update: Kyle Fuller Not Officially Released, Trade Still Possible

Despite the initial reports on Thursday night, the Chicago Bears have not officially parted ways with their standout corner of seven years.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

EDIT: Fuller was released on Saturday and he signed with the Denver Broncos moments later. Our story right here.

Yesterday we were all made aware of the news that the Chicago Bears are planning on parting ways with All-Pro corner Kyle Fuller.

Naturally I was furious when the revelation happened. Especially since it appeared the Bears were cutting Kyle Fuller outright; it saves them $11 million in cap — and creates $9 million in dead cap — but Chicago also won’t get anything in return. Surely a corner of his caliber should fetch something in the trade market.

Apparently a trade still has a chance to happen. Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network the Bears have not officially released Kyle Fuller yet.

A similar situation happened recently with the Las Vegas Raiders and their top notch center Rodney Hudson. Originally, it was revealed the Raiders would be cutting the Pro Bowler, allowing him to hit the open market. However, right before the daily deadline to report an official transaction, the Raiders succeeded in flipping Hudson for a 3rd round pick by the Arizona Cardinals.

The fact Chicago did not report a transaction (yet) for Kyle Fuller is something to monitor. Allegedly, and logically, the Denver Broncos are set to pursue Kyle once he’s available. He’ll surely be in hot demand if he is a free agent. Perhaps a last minute discussion has happened involving Kyle Fuller and the Denver Broncos to the point they’re willing to trade for him.

For those wondering if the Bears and Fuller are re-considering their actions...I have some news for you. The Bears reportedly agreed to terms with CB Desmond Trufant on Friday afternoon. More moves are also expected between now and the draft. That will likely slam the door shut on this relationship between a star corner and his original team. We’ll keep you all up to date as we learn more on this situation.