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Pace: Allen Robinson franchise tag a possibility

With a litany of issues to consider, the Bears general manager admits a typical roster tool could be in play for one of Chicago’s best players.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

In three seasons in Chicago, Allen Robinson has already become one of the best playmakers the Bears have ever had. With 255 receptions (11th) and 3,151 receiving yards (15th), the 27-year-old receiver has skyrocketed up the Bears’ (meager) all-time receiving list. If Chicago’s higher-ups have anything to say about it, he’ll be guaranteed at least another season to add to those marks.

During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Chicago general manager Ryan Pace was very frank about what could be in store for the Bears’ relationship with Robinson. When asked about ongoing negotiations (or lack thereof) with the star receiver, Pace did not rule out exhausting every option to retain Robinson’s services.

The schism between the Bears, Pace, and Robinson has long been documented. After failing to reach terms on a lofty long-term extension last off-season, that rift is reportedly larger than ever. A one-year franchise tag makes sense from the Bears’ financial perspective, but could only likely serve to further alienate their No. 1 receiver.

Before resorting to last-ditch options, the more advisable choice would be to actually try to negotiate and start a productive dialogue. That, of course, would require forward thinking sometimes lost on the current Chicago front office. This is a tenuous situation assuredly not seeing a clean resolution any time soon (well, for at least another week or so).

One’s thing for sure: It doesn’t make sense to trade a bevy of assets for a star quarterback if he doesn’t have anyone great to throw to.