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The Never Ending Story of Russell Wilson and the Bears

We recap the latest about the ongoing Russell Wilson trade saga and how it relates to the Bears.

Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

If the Seattle Seahawks truly wanted this ongoing trade saga surrounding Russell Wilson to die, they’d issue some sort of public statement about them having no intention on trading their multi-time Pro Bowl quarterback.

If Russell Wilson was ready to bury what ever sour feelings he has towards the only professional team he’s ever known, then he’d issue a statement somewhere as well.

But the fact that neither party has spoken publicly means the media will continue to speculate and report on what their sources are telling them, and right now those reports are still full of uncertainty.

Last week ESPN’s Adam Schefter said several times that the Seahawks still could trade Wilson, with the Chicago Bears as a likely suitor, and earlier today ESPN’s Mike Tannenbaum said the same thing, saying a trade “is very much in play.”

Chicago is still the team that makes the most sense, as the Bears have been the most aggressive in pursuit of Wilson, but Seattle would still need a quarterback they trust for the 2021 season, which is something the Bears can’t offer.

But that’s where Tennebaum believes a three-team trade is the way this ends up going.

“The one quarterback that makes sense,” Tennebaum says, “is the New York Jets and Sam Darnold.” Seattle head coach Pete Carroll has spoken publicly about his fondness for the former USC Trojan, so a scenario with Russell Wilson in Chicago, rookie Zach Wilson heading to New York with their second overall pick, and Darnold plus a slew of draft picks heading to Seattle could be a win-win-win for all involved.

You can check out the full clip in the Tweet below.

As for the Bears and their offer for Wilson, the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said on the Pat McAfee show that the Bears finally got confirmation that Seattle turned down their offer a mere one hour before they finalized their free agent deal with Andy Dalton.

You can check out the clip of the interview with Rapoport in the Tweet below.

During his press conference with the media, Dalton said he was aware of the Bears pursuit of Wilson the entire time they were in negotiation with him.

“When it (the Wilson trade) wasn’t happening and this worked out for both of us (the Bears and I) to come together, and for me to be a part of this team, I was ecstatic because I was hoping that was gonna be the case,” Dalton said.

The Bears may have told Dalton they plan on him being their QB in 2021, but things can change fast in the NFL, and we’ve seen it happen first hand in Chicago.