The Russ Sweepstakes Ain't Over Yet

It isn't over yet. The Seahawks may have said no, but the Russ-Seahawks relationship looks to be deteriorating on a day by day basis.Though the Seahawks said no to our initial offer, I'm confident that as the draft approaches, they will change their tune. Seattle has just 3 picks in this years draft and they lack cap space both in the short and long term. The Bears offer will look more and more appealing as the days progress, especially as the front office can do their homework on the available quarterbacks.

Now picture this: It's the first round of the draft and the general understanding is that the top quarterbacks will be gone by the time the Bears pick. Pace is targeting a premier offensive tackle to protect Dalton, with a top 5 quarterback just a pipe dream. But as each pick starts coming in, it slowly becomes clear that everyone overestimated the number of teams needing a quarterback. Though Justin Fields, Zack Wilson, and Justin Fields were gone quickly, Trey Lance and Mac Jones are plummeting. After pick 15, it becomes clear that Mac Jones is probably going to available at 20 for the Bears. All of a sudden the phone rings. Seattle is on the other side. They'll take Pace's trade for Russell Wilson if Mac Jones stays on the board at 20, but Ryan Pace is smart. He was already swindled on draft day once for a quarterback 4 years earlier. He understands the leverage the Bears have and can play hardball. Pace drives down the price for Russell Wilson to just 3 first rounders and Akiem Hicks.

As the news breaks that the Bears traded their first round pick to the Seahawks, there is mass confusion. What was that trade? Did Seattle trade up? Did the Bears trade down, away from Mac Jones? Then the pick comes in for Mac Jones and it becomes clear to everyone what just happened. The Bears just pulled off the blockbuster trade of the century. Their franchise quarterback savior has finally arrived. Russell Wilson is coming to Chicago.

Fast forward about 9 months and the Bears are hoisting up their first Ditka trophy in 36 years.

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