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Russell Wilson likes the Bears’ o-line, Nagy, and the Chicago market

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There’s been smoke surrounding Russell Wilson trade rumors all week, but today things have really been heating up as analysts have been dropping educated opinions and sourced nuggets all day long. ESPN’s Dianna Russini was told the Seattle Seahawks aren’t actively “shopping” Wilson, but they are listening to what teams have to offer when they call. Russini says that there has been no trade demand from Wilson or his representation, but that she knows Wilson is not happy in Seattle.

According to’s sports and casino news Canada team, this situation could go in a few directions, so hit the link to see what they have to say.

Reports from last week had Wilson’s people willing to accept a trade to the Chicago Bears, the Dallas Cowboys, the New Orleans Saints, and the Las Vegas Raiders, but when it’s leaked that a seven-time Pro Bowler is unhappy with his current team, there’s sure to be several franchises inquiring about his availability.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler had some specifics on why Wilson could prefer the Bears if a trade were to happen, and he said that he expects the Chicago to “take their shot” in making an offer for the disgruntled QB.

Fowler reported, “a source told me Russell Wilson likes that they have an emerging offensive line, a good solid offensive-minded coach in Matt Nagy, and they have an intriguing market in Chicago.”

Those first two things may be a shocker to some, but most analysts believe the Bears o-line stabilized towards the end of the 2020 season, and with some health and a tweak here or there, they could be fine.

During Nagy’s three years in Chicago, his quarterbacks have been sacked 6.3% of the time, whereas Wilson has been sacked 8.9% of the time from 2018 to 2020. Chicago’s pass protection hasn’t been as bad as you would think, especially when comparing it to Seattle’s.

And also keep in mind the perception of Nagy around the league is much different than what some fans on social media think to be true. Sure there are a few players that didn’t see eye to eye with him during his time coaching, but most players, coaches, and scouts that he’s worked with have all said good things about him as a coach.

As far as the Chicago market goes, Wilson would be able to increase his Q Rating by playing in the third largest market in the U.S., and he and his people must know how starved the city is for a franchise quarterback. Winning in Chicago would not only boost his stature around the league, but it would also add to his legacy.