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Allen Robinson received the franchise tag, so what happens next?

Players hate the tag, but it was collectively bargained and it’s not going anywhere for a while, and teams usually use the tag as a tool to buy time to work out a deal. What’s in store for the Bears and Robinson?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears were one of nine teams today that placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on one of their players, wide receiver Allen Robinson. But now that he’s tagged what happens next?

The two sides can still work to hammer out a long term contract, but the deadline to do that is July 15. If they can’t agree on a new deal by that date, then A-Rob will either play for $17.89 million guaranteed in 2021 or he can hold out.

Robinson can also negotiate with another team during that time, but if he signs with a new team the Bears have the option to match the contract to retain him. If they allow him to leave the new team would then have to send two first-round picks to the Bears as compensation for signing Robinson away.

Two first-round picks for a 27-year old wide receiver is probably too much, but if another team has interest the Bears could work a tag and trade deal.

I would imagine the Bears, and Robinson for that matter, would like to know the long term plan for Chicago’s quarterback position before they begin any serious negotiations on a new contract.

Players can get tagged in consecutive seasons, with the second year’s salary being 120% of what the first tag amount was, and with the 2021 cap rumored to shoot way back up the Bears could go this route with Robinson.

The Bears could also rescind the tag before it’s signed, making Robinson an unrestricted free agent, which could in theory land the Bears a comp pick in 2022.

But the best thing for both sides would be to come to an agreement that either has A-Rob remaining a Bear for the long haul, or trading him away to a team that is ready to give him the contract extension and security he wants.

For those wondering, the other eight players that were tagged are Taylor Moton (OL, Carolina Panthers), Justin Simmons (S, Denver Broncos), Cam Robinson (OL, Jacksonville Jaguars), Marcus Williams (S, New Orleans Saints), Leonard Williams (DL, New York Giants), Marcus Maye (S, New York Jets), Chris Godwin (WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers), and Brandon Scherff (OL, Washington Football Team). The Dallas Cowboys used the exclusive tag on Dak Prescott, but that tag was just a procedural thing as the Cowboys are going to ink him to a huge deal.