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Bears Over Beers: Kyle Fuller and Free Agency Roundup

Jeff and EJ discuss the legacy of Kyle Fuller, recap a dull Free Agency period, and talk about a lot of QBs.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos
Best wishes to Kyle Fuller
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Fuller is member of the Denver Broncos. Because of course he is.

Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace had a bill come due for an increasing number of missteps and paid off the debt with Kyle Fuller’s release. This move, unsurprisingly, left the Bears Over Beers crew upset with Pace’s mishandling of the roster and his continued failure to understand value. They talk Kyle Fuller’s legacy with the Bears and how the Bears can replace their CB1 before recapping a dud of a free agency period.

After the break, they talk about Mitchell Trubisky landing in a perfect spot in Buffalo, the smoke behind the Russell Wilson trade, Andy Dalton not being as bad as you might think, and what the heck is going on with Nick Foles. All that over some tasty beverages on this edition of Bears Over Beers.

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