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Chicago Bears Draft Preview Podcasts

Have you missed any of our recent podcast previews focusing on the Chicago Bears and what they’ll do at the NFL Draft? Listen to then all right here:

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 27 Texas at Oklahoma State Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’ve had a busy, busy, busy week of podcasts to get all you Chicago Bears fans prepped and ready for the 2021 NFL Draft, so in case you missed anything we wanted to share it all right here.

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Here’s what our guys have all fired out this last week.

We have a special limited series all about the draft featuring Danny Meehan, who is one third of our Rule of 3 podcast, and Jacob Infante, who is out lead draft analyst, and they call their show the LunchPail DraftCast. In this episode they are joined by Pro Football Focus’ Brad Spielberger to break down the wide outs and corners.

Our Rule of 3 podcast, with hosts Robert Schmitz, Brandon Robinson, and the aforementioned Danny Meehan, had a Bears mock draft battle with special guest Jacob Infante.

Crack open a cold one with the Bears Over Bears crew of Jeff Berckes and EJ Snyder as they give their best picks for the Bears at offensive line and quarterback in part one of their draft preview spectacular.

Jeff and EJ had a special LIVE version on their Bears Over Beers pod on Steven Schweickert’s Twitch Channel where they went through a couple mock drafts to feel the process out form a Bears perspective.

I jumped on The Irish Bears Show to preview what the Bears could be doing in the draft and we also spent some time talking about the other three NFC North teams too.

Part 2 of the Bears Over Bears’ draft preview was all about receiver and cornerback.

Jeff was a guest on the QB List Fantasy Football show to talk, yep, you guessed it, fantasy football! His segment starts around the 48:50 mark of the show and he talks about what to expect from the Bears when it comes to fantasy.

EJ’s other alcohol related football show, Bootleg Football with his co-host Brett Kollmann, has the USA Today’s Mark Schofield joining them to talk NFL Draft.

Aaron Leming also does great work with the guys over at the Bear Report, and his latest podcast with Zack Pearson had them bring on Jordan Reid of the The Draft Network.

The first two episodes of the LunchPail DraftCast were all about the trenches as Danny and Jacob get into the offensive and defensive linemen and edge pass rushers.

If we have any more pods drop this week we’ll be sure to update this list.

Danny and Jacob went all in breaking down the inside linebackers in this class.

And they did their work on running backs...