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Twitter reacts to the Bears pick of QB Justin Fields

The Bears have made their pick and Twitter had opinions and immediate reactions

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Chicago Bears Twitter was on pins and needles all night as the top QB prospects Justin Fields and Mac Jones fell down the board, out of the top 10.

With each passing pick, the calls for the Bears to make a trade grew louder and louder.

And as the Giants hit the happened: Adam Schefter had the Tweet that Chicago has been clamoring for for years.

And the compensation:

Seems like a fair trade, not giving up too much, but then again it all becomes dependent on if the player works out or not. Speaking of which...

Which QB was it for? Surely, it had to be Fields, right? Chicago Tribune reporter Brad Biggs had it first and sure enough the celebration kicked off:

But first Twitter still had jokes:

Annnnd the reaction. Friends, the Bears have a QB (hopefully):

Former players are happy too:

So are current players:

Finally, don’t be THOSE fans, OK?

What do you think of the pick? What was your reaction? What about the compensation? Too much?

For more on the Justin Fields selection, give Robert Schmitz a listen on his Bear With Me podcast as he’s joined by Jacob Infante, EJ Snyder, and Danny Meehan to break down the pick.