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Justin F1ELDS brings HOPE as Da Bears QB1

BreakingT has FOUR new designs for Chicago Bears’ fans to choose from, their Justin Fields “Hope,” their Fields “QB1,” the old school feel of “Da Fields,” and their latest “F1ELDS,” so which one do you like better?

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With the Chicago Bears trading up for quarterback Justin Fields, there’s a buzz around the city and among Bears’ fans that I don’t think we’ve felt in quite some time. This is the highest we’ve been as a fanbase since right before that final errant field goal during the 2018 wildcard playoff game.

But now after the Bears traded up to the 11th overall pick for the uber-talented Fields, our hope in the franchise has been renewed.

And now you can show your support for the Bears and for Justin Fields by picking up this fresh looking logo on a t-shirt or hoodie from BreakingT by clicking right here.

All their apparel comes in youth sizes and in adult sizes ranging from S to XXXL.

UPDATE: BreakingT just dropped their latest Justin Fields QB1 design (as seen below), which you can pick up right here.

Get your Justin Fields Bears t-shirt or hoodie before they’re sold out!

BreakingT also has a special line of apparel featuring several members of the 2021 NFL Draft class, with designs that are officially licensed by the NFLPA, and you can check all those out right here.

UPDATE #2: BreakingT has a third Justin Fields design for Bears fans, and this one has an old school feel, and you can get it right here... Daaaa Fields!

UPDATE #3: BreakingT is now up to 4 designs for Justin Fields, so you can get a F1ELDS in the classic Bears GSH sleeve stripe as seen in the header pic above.

You can get that one by clicking right here.

The Bears also announced that Fields will wear jersey number one, so if you want to pick up a Navy and Orange #1 you can do so right here from Fanatics.

For more on the Justin Fields selection, give Robert Schmitz a listen on his Bear With Me podcast as he’s joined by Jacob Infante, EJ Snyder, and Danny Meehan to break down the pick.