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Twitter reacts to the Bears pick of Teven Jenkins

The Bears get a bully for their offensive line and Twitter had some stuff to say.

West Virginia v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

I didn’t think that night two of the NFL Draft would get me as excited as the first-round when the Chicago Bears moved up for Ohio State’s Justin Fields, but trading up for Teven Jenkins made it pretty close.

Jenkins plays the game to the whistle and he does it as physical and as nasty as possible. He’s kind of an ass-hole between the lines, and in case you didn’t know, that’s a compliment for an offensive lineman

Twitter was fired up after the Fields selection, and they’re equally as fired up with Jenkins now donning the Navy and Orange.

Here are some of the better Tweets I came across, and see you can notice a theme...

Do you want even more about Teven Jenkins? Then check out Robert Schmitz on his Bear With Me podcast for some instant reaction, and he’s joined by our Draftnik Trifecta of Jacob Infante, EJ Snyder, and Danny Meehan.

Keep it locked on WCG all night and all through the weekend as we continue our coverage of the 2021 NFL Draft.