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2021 NFL Draft Predictions: What will the Bears do on Day 2?

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’ll be hard to top last night’s excitement with whatever the Chicago Bears do in rounds two and three of the NFL Draft tonight, but there’s still plenty of talent on the board and it lines up with some of the Bears’ needs, so you never can tell.

When we asked our team here at WCG to give their predictions on what the Bears would do in the first-round, a few of us correctly predicted a trade up for a QB would be on the horizon, so maybe one of us will nail tonight’s prediction too.

Here’s what a few of us had to say.

Josh Sunderbruch: I really hope they draft the best tackle left in the draft. My fear is that Ryan Pace trades back to recoup a very small amount of value and then drafts a corner to cover up the loss of Fuller.

Patti Curl: I suppose you mean after they finish running victory laps after a phenomenal day 1? I’m believing in good things right now and I think the Bears need to set Justin “mfing” Fields up to succeed. So I’m giving them Liam Eichenberg at 52 and Amari Rodgers at 83, and then the Bears manage to combine one of their 6ths with Anthony Miller to get back into the 3rd and draft Brevin Jordan as the perfect tight end to pair with Cole Kmet.

Ken Mitchell: Best offensive tackle available in the draft. If not that, then wide receiver or cornerback. Please.

A little behind the scenes peek at our email thread... Ken’s original answer had “quarterback” instead of “cornerback,” and he had to let us know that his phone’s autocorrect was the reason why.

Will Robinson II: With the way this draft has played out so far, the Bears are perfectly set up to grab a quality Offensive Tackle on day 2. I’d expect them to go in that direction in round 2 unless something crazy happens. Round 3, maybe a safety? Not a single one went in the 1st round, so there’s plenty to choose from on day 2. Pace is tough to predict in these middle rounds.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter: Not draft a QB.

All kidding aside, the Bears are in prime position to build around their new QB on day two. I would look at O-line and receivers as strong possibilities. The current draft board couldn’t be set up better for Pace to accomplish that task. And not only did Chicago succeed in getting their new franchise QB, they’ve kept both their Day 2 selections. Heck, they could even move back and pick up a few more picks.

Finally. The nightmare at QB is over.

Jack R Salo: Surely they’ll address their other positional needs, no? Offensive tackle and wide receiver stand out, so let’s target OT Jalen Mayfield out of Michigan, then WR D’Wayne Eskridge out of Western Michigan. Best players available, be damned.

Robert Zeglinski: Stay in place, get the tackle, of which there are plenty premium guys left. Now is not the time to play games. Don’t trade back. They’ve drafted potentially the best quarterback in franchise history. Get him a franchise book-end while you can.

Sam Householder: What everyone else said: get yourself an offensive lineman. Grab whoever the best tackle on your board is. I wouldn’t shun other positions like WR but a lot of corner talent is already off the board so I think you have to focus on your other two big needs: tackle and receiver.

Robert Schmitz: If the board keeps falling like it has thus far, I hope the Bears stick at #52 and take the best OT available. Now that they’ve drafted Justin Fields, it’s time to protect their investment — grabbing Liam Eichenburg, Dillon Radunz, Jalen Mayfield, or even Tevin Jenkins is the perfect move to support their young QB. I’d also love to see the Bears forsake CB and grab a slot-type WR in the 3rd, but we’ll see what the board looks like once we get to 83.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: With the talent available lining up with their needs, I would hope Pace lets the board come to him while having a trade back partner ready to go. We’ve seen him trade back in the second the last two times he traded up in the first-round, so that’s a likely outcome tonight. Offensive tackle would be my preference regardless if they stay at 52 or trade back, but the board should dictate the player.

What are your predictions on what the Bears will do tonight?