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Bears assistant coaches met the media and we have some highlights

NFL: Chicago Bears-Training Camp Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier on Wednesday the Chicago Bears made several assistant coaches available to the media and they talked about some of the rookies that are set to participate in this weekends rookie minicamp, but they also touched on some Chicago veterans as well.

Here’s a run down from a few offensive assistants here.

From offensive line coach Juan Castillo:

Castillo expressed confidence in rookie Teven Jenkins being able to make the switch to left tackle after playing mostly on the right side a year ago.

And about the right side, Castillo said that Germain Ifedi will begin as their starting right tackle, but that rookie Larry Borom, whom he called big and powerful, will get a chance to compete there.

But I can’t see a rookie beating out the experienced Ifdei, especially after the way Castillo talked about him in his press conference. He cited Ifedi’s improvement at right tackle after kicking out from right guard about half way through the 2020 season. “I think everybody would say that if you watched the tape, he played square, which was his problem at Seattle,” Castillo said about Ifedi’s technique while playing right tackle before he started coaching him, “and I think he’s just going to get better.”

The 26-year old Ifedi did look much better a year ago at right tackle then he did in his previous time at the position with the Seahawks, so if Castillo did unlock something in the former first-round draft pick, the Bears may have a long tern answer at that position too.

“I don’t want to make predictions,” Castillo said, “but I would not be surprised if this kid (Ifedi) made the Pro Bowl.”

From Passing game coordinator, quarterback coach John DeFillipo:

Of course DeFillipo was asked when rookie QB Justin FIelds would start, but he deferred all those questions to head coach Matt Nagy. He did, however, offer up this comment on the subject, “I think we’ll all know when it’s Justin Fields’ time to go in a game.”

With rookie minicamp starting on Thursday, May 14, the Bears will get their first on-field look at their new QB. “We’ll know a lot more about Justin after this weekend in terms of where he’s at mentally and the way he processes and thinks and those things,” DeFilippo said via the team’s website. “It’s hard to tell over Zoom until you really get your hands on a player.”

It’s the little things that some college quarterbacks need to master before moving on to the next phase in their development and that’s what DeFilippo will be looking for from Fields. “Show the other 10 guys in that huddle that you have some command and you’ve been working your butt off on the plays, knowing the cadence, knowing where to go with the football,” DeFilippo said. “You start with the cadence, you start with the huddle, you start with knowing your first wide vision, which is everything that you have before you get the ball in your hand: play clock, are we lined up correctly, what’s the cadence, is there a kill with the ball; so the mechanics of playing quarterback.”

From wide receiver coach Mike Furrey:

With Anthony Miller being mentioned in trade rumors the last few months, and with Miller being ejected from their playoff game last season, his place on the roster is far from guaranteed. “Anthony’s been in our meetings. He’s been doing a great job. We haven’t skipped a beat at all. He’s doing his job. He’s growing up, he’s maturing,” Furry said about his 26-year old wide out, but he also said he’d believe Miller has matured when he sees it happen.

Furrey also talked up the leadership skills of new wide out Marquise Goodwin. “He takes that vocal role of being a leader, and it’s been exciting,” Furrey said of the 7-year vet. “It’s a great addition to our room. It adds veteran depth, but I think that leadership, that role model, that example of how you practice, how you prepare, is something that’s going to be a great addition to our room.”

We’ll take a quick hit around Twitter to catch up on what some other Chicago assistants had to say.

And you can watch the full press conferences from the Bears’ coordinators in the embeds below.