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Chicago Bears Draft 2021: Grading each individual pick

We check on the letter grade for all 7 Chicago Bears draft picks.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 23 Oklahoma State at West Virginia Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After the Chicago Bears made each of their selections in the 2021 NFL Draft, WCG posted an immediate article on the pick which included a poll asking our readers to give us their grade for the pick. While the polls are still technically open, thousands of you guys have already weighed in, so we wanted to share the results here today.


It should be no surprise, but you guys voted the top two picks the Bears made with the top grade. Even though Ryan Pace traded up for each player — overpaying a bit per Josh’s analytical breakdown — the talent Chicago received was too great to hurt the grade.

I never thought the Bears would have the ammo to jump all the way up to 4 to get Fields, but Pace played the draft board brilliantly and pounced when he saw his chance at 11. Pace gets a draft re-do at the most important position in sports, but this time his pick has been praised by everyone.

The poll for Fields is at 71% in the A category right now, with B currently in second place with 16% of the vote. Josh’s trade breakdown can be found here.

Check out highlights from Pace’s press conference about Fields right here.

Considering many mock drafts had the Bears getting Jenkins at 20, the fact that they got him in the second round likely boosted your overall grade. The votes have this as the most popular pick by far with 81% at A and 14% at B. Josh breakdown the trade right here.

I love this pick. I would have loved this pick in the first round, so getting him in the second is great value, even with the trade up.

Here’s some of what Pace has to say about Jenkins in his presser.


  • 5th round, pick 7, 151 overall - Larry Borom, OL, Missouri (vote here)

Borom is a guy I looked at some film on, as I had him going to the Bears in one of my theme mocks, and I wasn’t overly impressed with his upside. But after learning how much weight he dropped these last few months, and how dedicated he’s been to getting himself ready for the next level, he seems like a guy that could thrive now that professional football player is his full time gig. You guys have him with a solid B at 47%, with A at 25%, and C at 21%.

  • 7th round, pick 23, 250th overall - Khyiris Tonga, DL, BYU (vote here)

Tonga’s ability to play the nose makes this an intriguing pick, and d-line was a sneaky need for the Bears this offseason. There’s some obvious holes in his game, but you can’t teach size and strength and this kids has both. Right now you guys have this pick at 43% for B and 34% at A.

After trading back with Seattle — Josh breaks down the trade here — the Bears grabbed a shifty running back with some special teams ability, and that third phase experience that will give him an edge as he fights for a roster spot. Right nor Herbert has a solid B from you guys with 41% of the vote, but A (25%) and C (24%) and close for second place.


EDIT: As of May 4, the poll results for both Graham and Newsome have climbed up to a B grade.

  • Sixth round, pick 44, 228th overall - Thomas Graham, CB, Oregon (vote here)

Like most of our fans I went with a C for this pick, but the more I dig into his tape the more I like what I see. His pro day wasn’t overly impressive, but Graham (and Newsome below) seem like guys that have football speed. Great instincts help you play faster between the lines and Graham’s knack for finding the ball makes his tape exciting. This vote is a C for now at 39%, but B is gaining at 35%.

  • Sixth round, pick 37, 221st overall - Dazz Newsome, WR, North Carolina (vote here)

I’m sure I inadvertently pushed some of the vote on Newsome down when I shared the spider graph of his pro day numbers, but like Graham above, Newsome’s playing speed looks nothing like a guy that was in the less that 25 percentile for all his speed and agility numbers. You guy shave his vote at 38% for C and 30% for B.