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What are the unwritten rules of Bears fandom?

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With the ridiculous unwritten rules of baseball in the news so much lately, we wanted to check on what you guys consider the unwritten rules of being a Chicago Bears fan.

We shot out the following question on Twitter...

And we also shared it our Facebook page, all in an effort to gauge the thoughts of the people, but since we know that not all our readers do the social media thing we wanted to share the question here on WCG too.

Here are some of what you guys said on Social Media, sprinkled in with some thoughts from some of our WCG staffers, but make sure you share with us your thoughts in the comment section too.

On the Soldier Field experience.

On the Bears biggest rival.

I’ll never cheer for the Green Bay Packers, but this response from Randy to Dan above makes some sense.

Then again, this makes some sense too.

Never ever cheer for the Green Bay Packers under any circumstances. If the Packers must defeat a team to give the Bears a chance at the playoffs, cheer for the asteroid. ~ Bill Zimmerman

Robert Zeglinski has a couple unwritten rules here:

1. The moment the starting quarterback makes a mistake and or costs the Bears a game, the backup quarterback is the most important and cherished person in the greater Chicago metropolitan area.

2. Never mind that it’s his second, third, or fourth chance, and forget that many rational teams would’ve moved on long ago — the starting quarterback is a God and cannot be lampooned because of it. This applies especially if the Bears made an aggressive off-season trade for him

If those two mandates are in any way contradictory to you — exactly!

Congratulations and welcome to Bears fandom.

The Superfans would be proud of this one.

I would imagine there is going to be several #1s at Soldier Field this season

Josh Sunderbruch had several he wanted to share:

The running game is always more important than actually winning or scoring points. A passing play that picks up a first down or even 30 yards is less valuable than a rush for 4.6 yards.

You must always pick a marginal wide receiver prospect every off-season to get attached to, sure this guy is going to break out.

Defense wins championships, even when it doesn’t.

The inability of the defense to sack the other team’s quarterback is 80% holding and 20% the defense being gassed because the offense is letting them down.

If the defense isn’t great it sucks. ~ Robert Schmitz

I feel if you consider yourself a Bears fan, you should partake in the cinematic masterpiece titled Brian’s Song (the original) at least once. ~ Superfans

Now it’s your turn.

You can take these in whatever direction you see fit, but just have some fun with it!