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Guess who has the best selling jersey in the NFL (not named Tim Tebow)?

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NFL: Chicago Bears Minicamp Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

As soon as the Jacksonville Jaguars signed Tim Tebow to be the 90th man on their offseason roster to {checks notes} battle for a spot as a tight end, Tebowmania was inevitable.

He’s been a top story on all the sports networks, all the talk shows, the podcasts, and websites, and once he was issued a jersey number his ascension to top selling jersey was a foregone conclusion.

Tebow’s #85 is currently first (teal) and second (black) in sales, but checking in at number three (navy), four (orange) and five (white) are the various jerseys from Chicago Bears rookie Justin Fields.

Check out how the top 15 is sales lines up as of today (March 28, 2021):

And you can get your own Fields jersey here.

It’s a very QB-centric list, with the only non quarterbacks being rookie running back Najee Harris from the Pittsburgh Steelers, and rookie wide out Devonta Smith from the Philadelphia Eagles (h/t El Jefe).And yes I realize Tebow is technically a tight end now, but if he somehow makes the Jags roster you just know that head coach Urban Meyer will have him lining up as a short yardage QB on occasion.

But back to Fields...

He’s not only the number two player on the NFL’s jersey sales list, but he’s the only player listed for his team’s home, away, and alternate style jerseys. I would guess if the Bears had their 1936 100th anniversary or their Monster of the Midway throwback available in a Fields #1, there would be plenty of those sold as well.

Fields was recently named number 2 on the NFLPA’s Rising Stars rookie list, behind Jacksonville’s Trevor Lawrence, but if Tebow keeps splitting the Jaguars merchandise sales Fields will probably ends up the top selling rookie for the 2021 season.

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