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The best pick of Chicago’s 2021 draft class is...

We shot a few questions out to the WCG staff in regards to the 2021 NFL Draft, and this first one is a no brainer...

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 07 Big Ten Championship Game Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s an interesting time to be a Chicago Bears’ fans right now with the 2021 NFL Draft bringing us so much hope. Yes, the players will need to get it done between the lines once the regular season starts, but it’s been a couple years since we’ve had some real optimism surrounding our favorite franchise.

We asked some of our WCG team a few questions for a post-draft roundtable, and the first question received a unanimous response.

Who is the best Bears draft pick?

Josh Sunderbruch: This has to be Fields. Beyond the fact that quarterback is a desperate need for the team, this particular quarterback would have been a clear #1 overall prospect in most of the years that Pace has been GM. The only reason he was available at all was because it was a bizarrely stacked year for quarterbacks. Even if he only plays moderately well, he’s a reboot for the team who does well all of the things that Trubisky could never manage, and he is invested and has leadership skills Cutler never showed.

Ken Mitchell: Justin Fields. The Bears had to take another swing at the franchise QB through the draft, and somehow managed to get it done this year. If Fields pans out, and his floor at least is pretty high, he reopens the 5 year rookie QB pay window, something Chicago DESPERATELY needed with the tighter cap situation they are in, and it will allow the defense to be retooled over the next 3 drafts.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter: Justin Fields, and it’s not even close. The Chicago Bears have never drafted a QB of Fields’ caliber. If you told me Chicago would be able to secure Justin Fields, without the need to sacrifice their next three draft classes, I would have called you insane. Fields was my #2 player for the entire draft class heading into the 2020 regular season. Somehow, Fields slipped just one pick outside the top ten overall, and Ryan Pace did what I long expected him to do. I knew Pace would trade up for his last chance to solve the QB crisis. I just felt Fields would not be available past pick #8. Justin Fields is a franchise-altering pick for the Chicago Bears. For the first time in the Super Bowl era the Chicago Bears have a legitimate difference maker at QB. And, just look all across social media. Every single analyst, fan, and even former Bears players love the pick. Quite frankly, this is a potential turning point in franchise history. Now, it’s time to make this selection count.

Aaron Leming: Justin Fields and I don’t even think it’s particularly close. Just think about all of the things that needed to go right for this to even happen. It started with the Top 3 teams taking different quarterbacks. Then it took picks seven through nine not only not taking a quarterback but not trading out. Then it took a pair of corners going earlier than expected and an Eagles trade up with a team in their own division. Finally, Giants general manager Dave Gettleman executed his first trade down he’d ever made. The Bears had been trying all off-season to find a long-term solution at quarterback and it took a top-end talent falling to No. 11 to make it happen.

Sam Householder: Has to be Justin Fields, doesn’t it? It’s the basic B answer, but getting a pretty much consensus top 10 quarterback at number 11 for the cost of one future day one pick and one current and future day three pick feels like a coup, doesn’t it? This is the swing the Bears pretty much had to take but it didn’t cost multiple future ones like we all would’ve thought at 6:59 p.m. Thursday.

Robert Zeglinski: Justin Fields. With one trade, the Bears not only have their best quarterback prospect ever, they also have someone that would have been a diamond for normal teams with better quarterback histories. That isn’t hyperbole. No one has to talk themselves into this pick. Not a soul.

Robert Schmitz: Without question this is Justin Fields. In the modern NFL, almost nothing you do matters until you have your QB situation settled and the Bears found their QB in a big way on Thursday Night. Fields is a toolsy QB built for the modern NFL that truly ticks all the boxes while only costing Pace — who was ready to give up three 1st round picks and more for Russell Wilson — their 2022 1st and change to acquire. This is a slam-dunk value pick that has changed the direction of the Bears franchise — no other choice can match that.

Bill Zimmerman: Justin Fields might be the Bears best draft pick ever. You heard me. In one selection, the Chicago Bears gave a fanbase hope, brought enthusiasm to a team that desperately needed something, and has the potential to alter the direction of the franchise. For once, the Bears didn’t pass on Mahomes or Watson for Trubisky, or select Rex Grossman in round 1 when many teams had a 3rd round grade on him, or select Cade McNown who’s attitude was sour right out of the gate. It finally feels like the Bears got the QB position right, now it’s just time to see if it works out.

Jeff Berckes: When you change the direction of the franchise with a single pick, it’s the best pick. Fields is a bottle of promise and hope, delivered ice cold to a parched fanbase. Ryan Pace bought the first round for the faithful and if you liked the buzz from this weekend, just wait until Sundays in the fall.

Will Robinson II: I mean, it’s obviously Justin Fields. I like the Jenkins and Graham picks, but picking up a playmaking potential franchise QB at pick 11? Come on. Especially after the Trubisky era, followed by an off-season that had the Bears in play for multiple top tier QBs only for them to sign Andy Dalton, and, well, the historic lack of a good signal caller... how can picking up Justin Fields not be their best draft selection?

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: When I led the roundtable off with this question I figured it would lean heavily towards Fields, but him getting motioned by all of us points to how desperate we are to see the Bears finally solve the position that has troubled the franchise since the 1940s. I’m all-in on the hype train and I can’t wait to see Fields play for the Bears.

Now it’s your turn, but to avoid a comment section full of you guys writing “Justin Fields,” why don’t you tell us who your second favorite draft pick is as well.