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Matt Nagy on Justin Fields, their plan, his development, and more

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy was a recent guest on The Rich Eisen Show and the hot topic was new quarterback Justin Fields, but they dished on several other things as well.

It’s a must listen and here are some bullets on their talking points during the quarter hour of the show.

  • The how and why behind drafting Fields
  • The Russell Wilson rumors
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • The “blueprint” they have for readying Fields for NFL action
  • Fields has been sending Nagy video of himself working on calling the cadence
  • Fields is already digesting the playbook and he and QB coach John DeFilippo have been using flashcards to work on their motions and formation shifts
  • What Patrick Mahomes learned during his time as the QB2 in Kansas City
  • The differences in that Chiefs scenario to what the Bears will have in 2021
  • Nagy has thoughts on the Andy Dalton QB1 Tweet
  • The Bears getting a do-over with another young QB

Give the show a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.