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Jay Cutler on the Jim Rome Podcast

Cutler appeared on the Jim Rome Podcast to talk about his time in Chicago, being a reality TV star and dealing with the death of his chickens

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Jay Cutler appeared on the Jim Rome Podcast last week to talk about his playing time in Chicago and what else he has done since retirement.

Rome began the interview with the story that went very viral in 2020 and that was the dead chicken saga that happened to Jay Cutler and his new chickens. Cutler responds saying, “I don’t know how people keep them (chickens) alive... Everything on this Earth was made to kill a chicken.” I guess keeping chickens alive is a very difficult process and now Cutler knows that too.

After the chicken story, Rome began asking Cutler about his time with the Chicago Bears and the struggles that came with playing under six Offensive Coordinators. When asked about the fanbase in Chicago, Cutler said, “If you’re successful in that town, you’ve got the support of one of the best sports fans, and towns in the country.” After his tenure of being cheered and booed, Bears fans and Jay Cutler are finally at peace with each other.

“It’s impossible, it’s like learning a whole new language every offseason.” This is what Cutler said when asked about having six Offensive Coordinators during his time in Chicago. Jay obviously had great success with Adam Gase as OC and Dowell Loggains as his QB Coach. Unfortunately, they came late into his career in Chicago.

Cutler knew which coaches were gonna be effective and which were not. He says you can tell pretty early on saying, “You know pretty quickly if you’re screwed or not.” He didn’t name any names but as a Bears fan, you can kinda tell who he was talking about.

Finally, the topic of Justin Fields came up and Rome wanted to get Cutler’s opinion on how the Bears should approach playing Fields. “Be patient” and “don’t play him (Fields) early,” were Cutler’s opinions on Fields. I completely understand his side of this because you never want to rush things with a franchise Quarterback and someone with the extreme talent as Justin Fields.

You can check out Cutler’s full appearance on the podcast here.