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Bears fans, who is your all-time ‘favorite’ Vikings player?

We’re taking a look at the Bears rivals in this next series of roundtable topics.

Minnesota Vickings Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Chicago Bears’ fans, give us your all-time favorite Minnesota Vikings player.

We already ran through the “favorite” ground rules yesterday when we asked you guys to give us your all-time favorite Detroit Lions player, but as a recap... It’s a subjective term and you’re free to interpret it however you want, so was there a Viking that you really liked, or one you respected, or maybe one that you simply loved to hate?

We asked the WCG staff to give us their all-time favorite Viking are here’s what we had to say.

Fran Tarkenton

Ken Mitchell - Fran Tarkenton. Most of you are are too young to remember Tarkenton when he played, but he was simply amazing... the way he scrambled around was something we simply haven’t seen the like of since. If you’ve never seen his highlights, you should definitely check him out.

Randy Moss

Will Robinson - This is another fairly easy one: Randy Moss. I always hated what he did to the Bears, but man, was he entertaining to watch. Not sure I’ve seen a more naturally talented receiver.

Sam Householder - Randy Moss was truly fantastic. I like him now as an analyst, I like his attitude, I personally believe that the bad reputation had as a player was a little bit misunderstood, the fantastic documentary made about him for the 30 for 30 series (Rand University) really was eye-opening for me. I liked his swag, I like his Me vs. The World attitude. He also was so, so, so great to back up everything he said and did. I still throw out “Straight Cash Homie” once in a while.

Jeff Berckes - It’s Randy Moss and a gigantic gap before we’d get to a second favorite. I second Sam’s motion to watch the Rand University.

Jack Salo - Who isn’t a sucker for Randy Moss highlights? In the moment, against the Bears or otherwise, sure you rooted against him. Now that you know the result of the game? Go ahead and embarrass the Safety for a tuddy and ad-lib a celebration that almost changes the program’s ratings. He was fun, and naming a whole segment “You Got Mossed” on ESPN hasn’t worn out just yet, at least not for me.

Jared Allen

Robert Zeglinski - I’ve always been a huge fan of Leif Erikson. One can’t reasonably quantify the impact of being the first European to set foot on North American soil. Plus that beard was magnificent, a true monument to Norse glory. Oh, wait, you mean the Minnesota Vikings. That makes a lot more sense.

In that case, Jared Allen, who looked and played more like an actual Viking than perhaps anyone to ever don the trademark purple of the professional sports franchise. The way he came off the edge and rushed the passer could’ve been reasonably confused for an individual Viking’s successful assault on the Northumbrians. May Allen’s football career forever live on in Valhalla.

Josh Sunderbruch - Jared Allen. Absolute berserker who had fun and remembered that he was playing a game while also leaving it all on the field.

Adrian Peterson

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter - Adrian “All Day” Peterson. He was a force of nature at the RB position. It disgusts me to this day how badly he killed the Bears during his prime. You could build an offense around him, he was simply that good of a football player. Age and injuries have slowed him waaaaay down in the current times. Yet, I will always have respect to what he is, a great person and an even better athlete.

Honorable mention: Jared Allen (before he signed with the Bears and floundered around)

Kevin and Pat Williams

Jacob Infante - I’m going to cheat here and give a tie between defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams. In the late 2000s, both of them were hefty Pro Bowl defenders who dominated along the interior. Kevin was the superior pass-rusher of the two, while Pat was an experienced run-stuffer. I always enjoyed watching them growing up, even if they played for one of the Bears’ biggest rivals.

Harrison Smith

Alex Obringer - My favorite Viking of all time has to be Harrison Smith. Growing up in the South Bend area, I watched a lot of Harrison Smith at Notre Dame. He is just an absolute ball hawk. He is constantly around the ball, either getting an interception, or immediately tackling the receiver.

Randall Cunningham

Bill Zimmerman - It was only for a couple seasons, but for me, it’s Randall Cunningham. Randall was one of my favorite players growing up and it was rough seeing his career end the way it did in Philadelphia. But it was hard to cheer against the guy who completely reinvented himself and put up the best passing season of his career in 1998. Cunningham is the easy choice for me.

Randall McDaniel

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. - I was also a huge fan of Cunningham back in the day, but I enjoyed another Randall’s run in Minnesota, Randall McDaniel. This guy was one of the most dominant offensive guards in the history on the NFL with 12 straight Pro Bowls, 7 First-Team All-Pros, and a Hall of Fame induction in 2009.

Now it’s your turn.

Give us your favorite all-time Vikings player, and you can take the term “favorite” in what ever direction you want to go.