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Bears fans, who is your all-time ‘favorite’ Packers player?

We’re taking a look at the Bears rivals in this series of roundtable topics.

Reggie White - Green Bay Packers - File Photos Photo by Chuck Rydlewski/Getty Images

This one probably won’t be as amicable as the first two roundtable questions we asked of the WCG staff (favorite all-time Lion and favorite all-time Viking), so with the term “favorite” being used as creatively as possible, here are our responses when asked to give our pick for all-time favorite Green Bay Packers player.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter - Reggie White. This man brought in a new age and species of defensive linemen to the NFL. Some would say he was the most powerful lineman to ever strap up the pads and helmet in pro football. And it was never just a case of freak athlete overpowering O-linemen. To this very day, myself included, many aspiring and current D-linemen coaches turn tape on from Reggie White and go over fundamentals and techniques. Hand placement, footwork, pad level, all these coaching points have direct influence from observing Reggie perfect his craft. It still infuriates me to this day Ron Wolf was able to successfully recruit Reggie to play for Green Bay instead of a larger market team like… Chicago.

Will Robinson - This is rough. I have a hard time “liking” Packers. Even “love to hate” is a tall order. Feet to the fire though, I’ll go Reggie White. The guy was a wrecking ball on the field, and he was taken too soon.

Robert Zeglinski - To me, he’s one of the two or three greatest defensive backs to ever play. No one brought as much experience, versatility, skill, and longevity as the high-class example of a Wisconsin (Swiss) Army Knife than Charles Woodson. Similarly to Megatron, Woodson, when flying around and at his best, was someone you simply appreciate more as an avid football observer, rather than admonish for the color of the uniform he wears. There were also few players whose candid opinion you respected more. “Same Old Jay” stung not because Woodson was a Packer, but because you knew a real superstar like him, who typically let his game do the talking first, would never mince his words when actually speaking in public.

He knew and spoke the truth, and with delicate care.

Jacob Infante - I always had a soft spot for Green Bay’s former fullback, John Kuhn. He was just a bulldozer who, albeit in a limited role, was able to contribute for the Packers for quite some time. Whenever I would do a fantasy draft in Madden, I would try to get Kuhn on my team in the later rounds.

Alex Obringer - The only player I could think of rooting for would be Adrian Amos. Only because he played for the Bears.

Sam Householder - I can respect Aaron Rodgers as a player. That’s all I can say about that. I despise him, but the dude can ball. I also respect his current beef with Packers management and cheer for him to get the resolution he would like, which is to get the hell out of Green Bay. I appreciate him for that as well.

Jeff Berckes - I don’t know, Brandon Bostick probably?

Jack Salo - I’m not built to answer this question. It doesn’t compute. So let’s go with Greg Jennings, because he deals dirt on Aaron Rodgers as a pastime.

Ken Mitchell - Jordan Love. The man has done more to help the Chicago Bears and the rest of the NFC North than any other Packer I can think of. BTW my list of “Favorite Packers” is very short. Jordan Love and... ummm... well, that’s it.

Josh Sunderbruch - I don’t understand the question.

Bill Zimmerman - Tony Mandarich. He was the second overall pick. He was picked ahead of Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas and Deion Sanders (who went 3rd, 4th and 5th). He was supposed to anchor the Packers’ offensive line for 15 years and instead he only lasted 3 seasons with Green Bay. The Packers blew it, and for that, bravo, Tony. Bravo.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. - I have respected the play from several Packer players over the years, most notably White, Rodgers, and Favre, but I’ve had such disdain for this franchise for so long that I can’t pick one of those players as my favorite.

My all-time fav Packer has to be former Bears QB Jim McMahon for this classic move.

Now it’s your turn.

Give us your favorite all-time Packers players, and you can take the term “favorite” in what ever direction you want to go.