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The Look Ahead on Matt Nagy, Andy Dalton, Justin Fields and ‘the plan’

NFL: Chicago Bears OTA Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully by now all you guys are subscribed to the Windy City Gridiron podcast channel (available where ever you get your podcasts), because not only do you get all our fantastic Chicago Bears shows, but you’ll also get the occasional Bears-centric segment from the SB Nation slate of podcasts.

In last week’s The Look Ahead show, hosts Rob “Stats” Guerrera and RJ Ochoa were joined by Kate Magdziuk of DK Nation, and the three of them spent some time talking about Matt Nagy and his plan at quarterback with Andy Dalton and rookie Justin Fields.

Nagy’s plan for his QB1 and QB2 has been all over the media since he came out with some details about how he and the Bears were going to handle things this season. Nagy’s details have been a little vague at times, and he seems to give himself an out just in case he has to change the plan, but it’s fun to hear how our national shows feel about the situation.

It’s a quick 12 minute listen, so check it out and then let us know what you think on their outlook for the Bears.