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Allen Robinson named 34th on the PFF Top 50 Players list

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The last time I wrote something about Chicago Bears wide out Allen Robinson, I finished with this hopeful sentence.

I really hope the next article we write about Robinson has something to do with a contract extension.

Not yet...

While A-Rob is still waiting on that new deal, he’s adding to his list of accolades with his inclusion on Pro Football Focus’ PFF50: The 50 best players in the NFL right now list by checking in at number 34.

Here’s what PFF had to say.

Robinson has never had an even vaguely competent quarterback throwing him the football, and that dates back to at least high school and perhaps even beyond that. The likes of Christian Hackenberg, Blake Bortles, Mitchell Trubisky and post-deal-with-the-devil Nick Foles have meant that the version of Robinson we have seen is only a fraction of what he could be with a real quarterback.

Maybe Justin Fields can provide that once he gets on the field, but even without that competent quarterback, Robinson was the No. 5-graded receiver in the league last season with a mark of 88.4 overall. He is a perennial top-10 receiver who has achieved all that without the benefit of having a quality passer that most other great receivers have.

Robinson, who will turn 28 in August, is playing on the franchise tag for now, and the deadline for the Bears to get a new contract worked out is July 15. If a deal isn’t agreed upon before that time, then Robinson will remain at a $17,880,000 cap hit for 2021.

He’s been one of the most reliable pass catchers during his time in the NFL, and locking him up on a multi-year extension makes sense on several levels. The Bears do have the option of tagging him for one more year next offseason, or they could work out a long-term contract when the 2021 season ends.

But perhaps A-Rob simply wants to see how Fields develops before agreeing to anything, because of all the top wide outs in the league this man deserves a quality QB throwing him the ball for a change.