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The USFL is back, so will the Chicago Blitz be as well?

You guys fired up for more football?

USFL, Chicago Blitz Vs. New Jersey Generals Gameplay Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Earlier today the United States Football League (USFL) announced that the league will officially be returning for the spring of 2022.

Back in 1983 when the USFL first launched it positioned itself to be in direct competition with the NFL, and several college and NFL players decided to play in the new league. But this time out it seems like it could be more of an alternative à la the XFL, or strictly a developmental league like the The Spring League (TSL) currently is.

The XFL was set to re-launch in the spring of 2022 as well, but those plans were put on hold while they negotiate with the CFL on a possible working relationship.

The Spring League is in their fifth season right now, and its founder and CEO, Brian Woods, is also a co-founder of the new USFL.

FOX Sports will be the official broadcast partner for the USFL, and they also own a minority equity stake in the company that owns the USFL.

“I’m extremely passionate about football and the opportunity to work with FOX Sports and to bring back the USFL in 2022 was an endeavor worth pursuing,” said Brian Woods, “We look forward to providing players a new opportunity to compete in a professional football league and giving fans everywhere the best football viewing product possible during what is typically a period devoid of professional football.”

It’s not know at this time if the USFL will be replacing TSL, or if the two will be merging, but TSL recently applied for several old-school USFL trademarks, including the Chicago Blitz.

The Blitz was one of the original USFL teams and they went 12-6 in their debut 18 game season, but they lost in their playoff game. The Windy City was never fully behind their new pro team back in 1983, so I wonder if a new Blitz could capture some of the Chicago Bears’ fanbase.

If the USFL was a true minor league and some young Bears were assigned to the Blitz, then I’m sure that would benefit the league and generate interest.

What are your thoughts on the USFL returning and how do you think they should run their football model?