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Cairo Santos was really, really accurate in 2020

Chicago Bears v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

When it comes to making field goals in the NFL, kickers have 18 feet, 6 inches to work with above the crossbar that’s 10 feet off the ground.

As Chicago Bears fans, we know just how critical it is for kickers to split those uprights.

The 2018 season could have gone much differently had the Bears kicker not been so prone to doinking (and double-doinking) things that year.

The shape of the football lends itself to wobbling one way or the other depending on the wind conditions, so the truer a kicker’s aim is, the more likely he is to keep the football as far away from the goalposts as possible.

That’s something that Cairo Santos did exceptionally well during the 2020 season for the Bears.

We all know about his franchise-high of 27 consecutive field goals made during the season, and his franchise-high field goal completion percentage of 92.8%, but this Next Gen stat shows just how good he was a year ago.

Being number two behind a 4-time All-Pro is some good company to keep, and just being 1.2 yards off center on all field goal attempts is an incredible feat.

Earlier this year the Bears locked the 29-year old Santos up through the 2023 season, and if can keep up this kind of accuracy he may get a few more franchise bests before he hangs them up.