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1920 Football Drive is a riveting watch from the Bears

Episode 1 of 1920 Football Drive is outstanding, but nothing is better than Justin Fields already taking a shot at the Packers.

NFL: Chicago Bears Minicamp Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Considering the Chicago Bears keep things so secretive up at Halas Hall and through the last several years at their training camp practices, it’s a little surprising when the team puts out content as behind-the-scenes and engaging as they’ve done with their 1920 Football Drive series.

They started the series last year on their YouTube channel, but with the Bears going through a re-set at the quarterback position this offseason, this year’s episodes have a different feel to them.

Since it’s doubtful the Bears would ever grant the kind of how the sausage is made access a show like HBO’s Hard Knocks would provide, these episodes are great for those of us that are craving more insight on the Bears.

On this first episode, we get some day in the life from a few of the Bears scouts, some clips of their pre-draft rookie interviews, some behind the curtain war room stuff, the moment the draft picks were called by head coach Matt Nagy, some of Nagy’s introduction for rookie minicamp, and them some on-field stuff from said camp of which this exchange stood out.

Justin Fields already having an understanding of Chicago’s biggest rival is a beautiful thing to see.

You can watch episode 1 of 1920 Football Drive right here on the Bears YouTube channel: