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Bears Over Beers: Building Blocks Draft

How do the greats of recent Bears teams stack up against current Bears players when projecting to the modern NFL?

Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

We have a fun one for you this week.

The Bears Over Beers team welcomes Lester Wiltfong Jr. back to the show for a special kind of draft. We each stacked draft boards with Bears players since the year 2000. We then ran through a draft to build out the core “building blocks” of our squads for the next 5 years. Here’s how it works:

  • If a player already finished his Bears career, you get that player in the form of his career arc in Navy and Orange. No cheating and drafting Orlando Pace here. You get the good and the bad. Plus, you need to justify that player’s skill set in the modern game.
  • If a player is a veteran on the current roster, you get to “hit the reset button” on his time with the Bears for the next 5 years. In other words, you get to run it back with Akiem Hicks, not age him further.
  • If a player is young or even a rookie, it’s all projection. Taking a rookie over a proven vet carries a certain amount of risk with it.

We went seven rounds. Would you take a rookie or young player over a proven star? Do you prioritize offense due to scarcity of players or take the best players on your board?

Let us know where we went wrong and what team you prefer!

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