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The Ryan Pace Bracket Challenge: Management 1 vs 8

It’s the offseason and the Bears’ GM is probably either the best ever or the worst ever. It’s time for some fun in looking at the offseason wins and losses of the man from Flower Mound, Texas. This time we look at the early rounds of the moves outside of the draft.

Wild Card Round - Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Ryan Pace is a lightning rod for criticism and praise, mostly because Bears fans are desperate to believe and desperate to blame. The first piece in this series introduced the premise—each day will look at decisions made by Ryan Pace, and for fun and distraction, there will be mock balance between sides. There will be a “best” and a “worst” run-off for side, until eventually the sides meet in a final championship bout.

Just a reminder that this is about rampant speculation and armchair GMing, focusing on how fans feel about each move. The move with the most votes in each head to head after 48 hours will move on, while the other move will be eliminated.

For operational moves, the contenders for best moves are trading for Khalil Mack, signing Akiem Hicks, signing Danny Trevathan, signing Allen Robinson, hiring Matt Nagy, trading Brandon Marshall, trading Martellus Bennett, and trading Jordan Howard.

The contenders for worst moves are signing Mike Glennon, signing Robert Quinn, trading for Nick Foles, bringing in Ray McDonald, hiring Matt Nagy, his entire handling of Kyle Fuller, the 2017 free agent receiver class he assembled, and bringing in Cody Parkey.

Yes, Matt Nagy is on both lists. This is supposed to represent fan voices, and fans are really split on this issue.


#1: Trading for Khalil Mack - it was pricey in more ways than one, but this one move instantly put the Bears’ defense back on the map, and the momentum acquired propelled Chicago to its first playoff berth in far too long.

#8: Trading Jordan Howard - Howard was a fan favorite and even a Pace selection, but that didn’t stop Pace from flipping Howard for draft capital before the running back ran into a production wall and stopped delivering.


#1: Signing Mike Glennon - smoke screen or not, Glennon was terrible and anyone who had seen him play or seen his stats (let alone both) should have known better. This move actually worked out so poorly that the developmental #2 overall pick was forced onto the field ahead of his time.

#8: Cody Parkey - Doink...doink.


Which was the better operational move?

This poll is closed

  • 90%
    #1: Trading for Mack
    (735 votes)
  • 9%
    #8: Flipping Howard for a pick
    (74 votes)
809 votes total Vote Now


Which was the worse operational move?

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  • 76%
    #1: Signing Mike Glennon
    (622 votes)
  • 23%
    #8: Parkey!!!
    (194 votes)
816 votes total Vote Now