3 players that need to step up for the Bears in 2021

The Bears are coming off an 8-8 season in 2020. For the team to finish above average this year, their going to need some players to step up:

1. Andy Dalton

For right now it appears Andy Dalton will be the starting quarterback week 1. He definitely wasn’t the most flashy pickup this offseason, but winning football starts with good quarterback play. Dalton is going to need to play good if the Bears want to succeed. He was the backup in Dallas last season. He filled in for an injured Dak Prescott, finishing with a record of 4-5. He threw 14 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Not great numbers for a quarterback who is throwing to a great receiver room. A lot of people hated this signing and rightfully so. Dalton hasn’t proven the past few seasons that he can be a starter. He’s going to need to win some games early for the team to succeed.

2. Robert Quinn

Robert Quinn was a disappointment last season. After he signed a 5 year 70 million dollar deal, he only recorded 2 sacks last season. Ever since the Bears traded for Khalil Mack, they haven’t found an edge rusher to compliment him on the other side. This is why Robert Quinn has to perform well this year. If Quinn can get after the quarterback, the front 7 can be one of the best in football. You factor in Akiem Hicks, Eddie Goldman, and Bilal Nichols in the front. Then you add Khalil Mack. Almost unstoppable. Quinn will likely get cut in the offseason if he doesn’t perform well due to his high cap hit. He needs to step up if the Bears want to succeed this year.

3. Kindle Vildor

The departure of Kyle Fuller was tough. It’s hard to replace a Pro Bowl corner. The Bears signed Desmond Trufant. But with his injury history, and Jaylon Johnson’s injury history, I think Kindle Vildor will need to step up this year. Apparently Vildor has already looked good in mini camp. He stepped up last year towards the end of the season when Jaylon Johnson went down. He very well could be CB2 by the end of the year. Even if Trufant ends up as the second corner, Vildor can play the slot as well. He’ll have to step up this season, and I think he will.

If Andy Dalton, Robert Quinn, and Kindle Vildor step up, the Bears may find themselves back in the playoffs.

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