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The Alex Obringer Podcast: NFL Off-Season Recap

Episodes 2 and 3 of The Alex Obringer Podcast released onto Spotify is breaking down the NFC and AFC.

So after the release of the debut episode of my very own podcast, I decided to go ahead and jump all-in 100% into the podcasting game. I can easily tell I am getting better and more comfortable behind the mic and thankfully, I got some help for episodes 2 and 3. Joined by my friend Max White (Panthers fan) to talk about the entire NFL’s offseason team by team.

Episode 2 is all about the NFC and Max and I go division by division through our own thoughts of each team. We also give out our own personal grades for each team based on their additions and subtractions throughout the off-season.

Episode 3 is about the AFC and like the NFC, Max and I give out our own grades for each team and their additions and subtractions as well.

Please check it out and post your thoughts in the comments, I would love to see what I could be doing better and how I can get better. Thanks, guys!

EDITIOR: Alex has been interning with us all summer, so make sure you give the shows a listen and leave him some honest feedback in the comment section.