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Justin Fields Film Breakdown

The latest video breakdown from Brett Kollmann is a must watch for all Bears fans, as he spotlights the good from Justin Fields and has a message for the lazy analysts that shared their B.S. thoughts on Fields.

I’ll share any fun and educational video about the Chicago Bears that I come across if I I think it adds value for our WCG audience. And if that video is produced by someone that isn’t “technically” a Bears fan, then I feel it brings an added element of impartiality for us to chew on.

The latest video from Brett Kollmann, which just dropped today on his fantastic YouTube channel, spotlights Chicago first round draft pick Justin Fields and all the skills he adds to Matt Nagy’s offense. But before Kollmann gets into what the Ohio State rookie brings to the table, he first has to breakdown the quarterback play from Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles that we all lived through a year ago. Fields has a diverse skillset, and he’ll be able to fix what ailed the offense last year. It wasn’t all bad, but the stuff that worked in 2020 just so happens to be in Fields’ wheelhouse too.

Kollmann calls this “the perfect fit between prospect and team,” and he believes the Bears were just a “quarterback away from being a really good offense.”

Check out the video above and let us know what you think.

Brett can also be found co-hosting the Bootleg Football podcast with our very own EJ Snyder, and you can peep that YouTube channel out here.