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Bears not listed as odds-on favorite to sign Allen Robinson

The Bears aren’t the odds-on favorite to sign Allen Robinson, but bettors believe they still have a chance to extend him.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

The contract discussions between the Bears and star wide receiver Allen Robinson have been a major point of drama over the 2021 NFL offseason.

The two sides have seemingly been at an impasse for over a year, with neither side willing to budge on their desired contractual outcomes.

Chris Emma of 670 The Score reported on Thursday that Robinson wanted $20 million annually last offseason, but the Bears weren’t willing to offer more than $16 million. After another quality season from the former Pro Bowler, it seems likely that Robinson is commanding more than his original asking price.

When the Bears didn’t sign Robinson to a contract extension prior to Thursday’s franchise tag contract extension deadline, it solidified his status as an impending free agent until the end of the 2021 season. Chicago does have the option of placing a second franchise tag on the receiver, but tagging a player for consecutive seasons risks ruining the player-organization relationship further.

With their long-term relationship in question, the Bears are currently not the favorite to sign Robinson to a contract upon his hitting free agency.

According to, here are the full odds regarding where Robinson might land once his franchise tag expires:

Of the other teams with listed odds, most of the top teams have a young quarterback with whom Robinson could team up. The Ravens have 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson under center, and although they drafted Rashod Bateman this year, Robinson’s ability to run routes form numerous alignments likely wouldn’t prevent Baltimore from targeting him. Mac Jones in New England and Trevor Lawrence in Jacksonville could also be enticing signal-callers for Robinson to pair up with.

The Bears may not be the odds-on favorite to sign Robinson, but they aren’t too far behind the top spot.

Robinson’s contract negotiations likely haven’t been ideal for him, but a long-term extension could still be on the table. With a season catching passes from Justin Fields, the possibility of pairing with a young, up-and-coming quarterback could be enticing as he looks for a long-term landing spot.