Training Camp player to watch: Thomas Ives

Going into training camp and preseason, look for wide receiver Thomas Ives to make an impact. Ives was an undrafted free agent signing out of Colgate. In 2019, he made an impact in preseason making spectacular plays. Although in 2020, there were no preseason games. Leaving guys like Ives unable to show off their skills before the season.

In 3 preseason games in 2019, Ives had 148 receiving yards. Most of them coming vs the Titans, where he caught 5 passes for 99 yards. Like I mentioned earlier, he made a lot of spectacular catches. One in particular was a 3rd and 20 pass from Tyler Bray caught by Ives. He went up and caught it. He’ll get a lot of playing time in the 3 preseason games coming up.

Thomas Ives is 6’4 and a great route runner. He also adds more height to the receiving room other then Allen Robinson. He can make an impact on special teams as well. I think Ives is better than some of the receivers trying to make the team. For example, Javon Wims and Riley Ridley. Wims dropped a key pass in the Playoffs. He also is probably on thin ice after he punched Saints cornerback C.J Gardner-Johnson. Riley Ridley didn’t dress a lot of the games early on for the Bears. That may indicate that the coach’s probably aren’t too high on him. I could see Ives out playing these guys and maybe end up making the team.

You can make the point that it’s preseason. And it’s against players who might not make their respective teams. Although that’s where a lot of players get their start. Making an impact in the preseason. For example: guys like Austin Ekeler, Wes Welker, and Antonio Gates were all undrafted and made an impact in preseason. I think Thomas Ives can do the same.

Training camp starts in a week and a half. With preseason starting up a few weeks after that. Look out for number 19 in Navy and orange to leave his mark, and make the 53 man roster.

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