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Chicago Bears 2021 Schedule and Record Prediction

I created my first ever podcast and I decided that I’d start with doing a short rundown of the Bears upcoming schedule.

NFL: Chicago Bears Minicamp Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

So I did a thing. For the last year or so I’ve always wanted to have my own podcast or at least be a member of a podcast where I get to freely speak my thoughts on one of my favorite sports teams. And finally, with the help of some incredibly amazing help from some members of WCG, I got to cross something off my bucket list. Doing a podcast all by yourself is much more intimidating than you think, having to talk by yourself for around 30 minutes is a tall task.

For my first episode, I decided to rundown the Chicago Bears 2021 schedule week by week and briefly mention my thoughts on each team the Bears are facing off against. I also thought it would be fun if I could predict if the game would be a win or a loss for the Bears and see how the season goes.

So please be kind, this is my first go at this. I’ll get better.

EDITOR: Alex has been interning with us this summer and we’re glad to see him put himself out there and add some podcasting experience to his repertoire!