Ranking Ryan Pace’s drafts since he became general manager in 2015.

Ranking Ryan Pace’s draft’s since he became GM in 2015.

since Ryan Pace became genral manager, he’s definitely had some up and down drafts. Today I’m ranking his drafts to see how each stack up.

7. 2017

Draft class:

Round 1, pick 2: Mitch Trubisky

Round 2, pick 45: Adam Shaheen

Round 4, pick 112: Eddie Jackson

Round 4, pick 199: Tarik Cohen

Round 5, pick 147: Jordan Morgan

This shouldn’t be a surprise. The Bears took Mitch Trubisky with the second overall pick. He did not live up to expectations. Pace also passed on Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, who now have established themselves as elite quarterbacks in this league. They also traded up to get Trubisky. Giving up a decent amount of picks. Everyone knows this. Terrible pick. In the second round Pace went with tight end Adam Shaheen. Who is no longer on the team. In his 3 years with the Bears, Shaheen only caught 4 touchdowns, and had 249 yards. Shaheen was traded to the Dolphins in 2020. The few bright spots of the 2017 draft came in the 4th round, when the Bears drafted safety Eddie Jackson and running back Tarik Cohen. Both are solid players for the Bears today. Although it’s not enough to change the ranking of this class. With the final pick in this draft for the Bears in the 5th round they selected Jordan Morgan. Not much on him. He didn’t work out. Morgan is no longer with the team.

6. 2019

Draft class:

Round 3, pick 73: David Montgomery

Round 4, pick 126: Riley Ridley

Round 6, pick 205: Duke Shelley

Round 7, pick 222: Kerrith Whyte Jr.

Round 7, pick 238: Stephen Denmark

The Bears had 5 picks in 2019. Only 1 has made a splash so far in the league. That player is David Montgomery. Unfortunately for David, one player can’t carry a draft class during this ranking. Montgomery has been the Bears RB1 for 2 years now. He’s definitely shown he’s a solid running back in this league. Now for the other draftees, Riley Ridley is still on the team but hasn’t seen much action. He’s been on the bottom of the depth chart the past few years. At the start of the 2020 season, he wasn’t even suiting up for games. You might wonder the coaching staff might not think to high of him. We’ll see if he can be a solid player for the Bears. For now that hasn’t been the case. Duke Shelley has gotten some action. He got some starts towards the end of last season. He still hasn’t really made a splash yet. For right now we can’t really make an assumption on this pick. Stephen Denmark never worked. He is with the Steelers now.

5. 2015

Draft class:

Round 1, pick 7: Kevin White

Round 2, pick 39: Eddie Goldman

Round 3, pick 71: Hroniss Grasu

Round 4, pick 106: Jeremy Langford

Round 5, pick 142: Adrian Amos

Round 6, pick 183: Tayo Fabuluje

There are actually some really good players from this class. Unfortunately, the first round pick hurts the entire ranking. Kevin White was the 7th overall pick in 2015. The first selection of the Ryan Pace era. He only played in a total of 14 games in his 3 years with the Bears. White was a huge miss and definitely one of the worst under Ryan Pace. A player that plays a huge part in why this class isn’t the worst is Eddie Goldman. He was taken in the 2nd round 39th overall and is still the Bears starter at d-line to this day. He’s returning after opting out in 2020. It’s still no secret he can play.

Hroniss Grasu only played in 14 games as a Bear. He’s no longer with the team after only spending 3 seasons with the team. One where tore his ACL. Jeremy Langford looked promising at running back. Although he hasn’t played on an NFL team since 2018. In 2015, he rushed for 6 touchdowns and 537 yards. In 2016, he only played in 12 games and rushed for 4 touchdowns and 200 yards. He was cut at the beginning of the 2017 season. Adrian Amos was a great pick in the 5th round. He’s not with the Bears anymore but he’s established himself as a very good strong safety in the league. It’s unfortunate the Bears didn’t re-sign him. Great pick. Him and Goldman carry this draft class. Tayo Fabuluje only played in 4 games as a Bear.

4. 2021

Draft class:

Round 1, pick 11: Justin Fields

Round 2, pick 39: Teven Jenkins

Round 5, pick 151: Larry Borom

Round 6, pick 217: Khalil Herbert

Round 6, pick 221: Dazz Newsome

Round 6, pick 228: Thomas Graham

Round 7, pick 250: Khyiris Tonga

This class hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL yet. Although the other draft classes were really horrible. However, there is a lot of hype surrounding this 2021 class. A lot of people think Justin Fields can finally be the answer at QB. He’s mobile, he’s tough, rocket arm, and he’s got an amazing work ethic. Everyone is excited to see him play. Teven Jenkins a lot of people thought was a steal. The Bears needed to address the o-line in this draft. Not only did they do that they got a quarterback. Hopefully these draft picks can jumpstart our offense.

Larry Borom adds some solid depth to the offensive line. He’s got starter upside. It’ll be interesting so see how he performs. Khalil Herbert completes the running back room. He can play special teams and return kicks as well. Hopefully a solid 6th round pick. Dazz Newsome broke his collarbone already. He should be back for training camp though. Maybe he can be wide receiver 3 by the end of the season. Thomas Graham adds cornerback depth with potential to be a great slot cornerback. He opted out of the 2020 season due to Covid. That’s why he was drafted so low. Although Graham has a ton of upside. Khyiris Tonga is a beast. The Bears have done a great job developing defensive lineman over the years. Hopefully Tonga can be one of those players.

3. 2016

Draft class:

Round 1, pick 9: Leonard Floyd

Round 2, pick 56: Cody Whitehair

Round 3, pick 72: Jonathan Bullard

Round 4, pick 113: Nick Kwitkowski

Round 4, pick 124: Deon Bush

Round 4, pick 127: Deiondre’ Hall

Round 5, pick 150: Jordan Howard

Round 6, pick 185: Deandre Houston-Carson

Round 7, pick 230: Daniel Braverman

I think the 2016 is class is ranked this high because there are not a lot of highly drafted players that turned out to be terrible. While Leonard Floyd didn’t work out in Chicago. He just put up 10.5 sacks a season ago with the Rams. It’s unfortunate that it didn’t work out with the Bears, but you have to give Pace credit he saw something in Floyd. Maybe he was just a late bloomer is all. Cody Whitehair was solid pick in the 2nd round. He’s a Pro Bowl guard/ center. Whitehair is the Bears best offensive lineman they have right now. Great pick.

Jonathan Bullard only played 3 seasons with the Bears. He wasn’t spectacular. Didn’t make that big of an impact with the team. Therefore he was cut before the 2019 season. Nick Kwitkowski was a great pick. He’s one of the reasons 2016 is so high on this list. Kwitkowski is an up and coming linebacker that can very well be a Pro Bowler one day. It’s unfortunate that the Bears had to let him walk. Another great player from this draft that is no longer with the team. Deon Bush was another good pick. He’s still on the team, and entering his 6th season. Bush is great on special teams and is an amazing backup who can fill in if needed. Deiondre Hall is currently a free agent. He was a miss. Hall was injured a lot and just couldn’t stay healthy.

I’m going to call Jordan Howard a good pick. He went to the Pro Bowl with the Bears. While he isn’t with the team anymore, during his time with the Bears he made a huge impact and in 2017 he was definitely one of the MVP’s that season. Why he got traded? He didn’t fit Matt Nagy’s scheme. Howard had drop problems and seemed like more of a power back. Although when Dowell Logins was the offensive coordinator, his scheme was run heavy and that’s when Howard thrived.

Deandre Houston-Carson is a special teams ace who also has made some clutch deflections and interceptions last season. Daniel Braverman didn’t work out. He’s now playing with the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian football league.

2. 2020

Draft class:

Round 2, pick 43: Cole Kmet

Round 3, pick 50: Jaylon Johnson

Round 5, pick 155: Trevis Gipson

Round 5, pick 163: Kindle Vildor

Round 5, pick 173: Darnell Mooney

Round 7, pick 226: Arlington Hambright

Round 7, pick 227: Lachavious Simmons

A lot of promising young players in this draft class. Cole Kmet hopefully can be the tight end of the future for this franchise. When Jimmy Graham leaves Chicago, I feel like Kmet can take over and breakout as the Bears tight end number 1. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kmet. Jaylon Johnson was an amazing pick. He’s the Bears cornerback 1, and he’s going to be for a long time. He’s simply a lock down corner and an amazing draft choice by Ryan Pace.

Trevis Gipson hasn’t gotten a lot of game time expierience yet. However he definitely has the build of a great edge rusher. Hopefully one day he can be a starter on this team. Kindle Vildor is poised for a breakout season. He’ll likely be the Bears starting slot cornerback. Another player with a lot of potential. Darnell Mooney showed that he was a diamond in the rough. He’s going to be a great receiver for a long time. His ability to go up and grab the deep ball is amazing. He’s also very allusive. A definite hit from this draft class. Can’t wait to see him perform in year 2. Arlington Hambright and Lachavious Simmons both have had limited action and are both unproven so far.

1. 2018

Draft class:

Round 1, pick 8: Roquan Smith

Round 2, pick 39: James Daniels

Roune 2, pick 51: Anthony Miller

Round 4, pick: 115: Joel Iyiegbuniwe

Round 5, pick: 145: Bilal Nichols

Round 6, pick: 181: Kylie Fitts

Round 7, pick 224: Javon Wims

This draft class has some studs. Roquan Smith is the most underrated linebacker in the league. He will be one of the best players on the defense for a while. Smith will also likely get a huge extension soon. Which is well deserved. One of Pace’s best draft picks. James Daniels was another hit. The Bears starting guard/ center is a great starter. I could definitely see Daniels being a Pro Bowler soon. His 2020 was cut short, but in 2019 he played over 1,000 snaps and only allowed 1 sack. A definite hit and he’ll be a great player for a long time.

Anthony Miller is up and down. He’s been reliable. He’s got a lot of clutch catches. Although he hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. This year will be a big year for Miller. Overall a decent pick. Joel Iyiegbuniwe has trouble getting on the field. He hasn’t made an imapact as a linebacker, more of a special teamer. This camp/ preseason will be huge for Iyiegbuniwe. Bilal Nichols was a great pick. Another diamond in the rough. He filled in great for Eddie Goldman last season. Nichols stops the run, and gets after the quarterback. Another player who will be a solid player for a long time. Great pick. Kylie Fitts got cut ahead of the 2019 season. Likely didn’t show the team enough to keep him. Simple as that. Javon Wims is alright. I could see him getting cut. He dropped a key touchdown in the 2020 playoff game vs the Saints. He also punched CJ Gardner-Johnson in the face. I just don’t see enough from him on the field to keep him. punching people in the face also doesn’t help. I would say Wims was a pretty meh pick.

There you have it. Some up and down draft’s from Pace overall.

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