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Jaylon Johnson on being the Bears number 1 corner

Chicago Bears second year pro Jaylon Johnson was a guest on the Jim Rome Show yesterday, and Johnson dished on several topics, but his take on being the new number one cornerback was interesting. He said he didn’t think the initial plan was to release Kyle Fuller so he could slide into the top corner job saying, “it just ended up being put onto me once some things couldn’t happen a certain way.”

The Fuller release was always going to be an option with the salary cap dropping as far as it did, but the Bears did explore some other cost cutting moves before finally letting him go.

Johnson went on to call Fuller a “big time player,” and he said looked up to him and learned a lot from him during their one season together, and he has a responsibility to meet expectations.

The clip of Johnson talking about him being the new CB1 and about his time with Fuller can be seen in the video above.

Johnson also reflected on his rookie year, he talked about his mental approach to the game, his philosophy on being frugal with his money — “I’d rather look good during the game than before the game.” — and he also had some thoughts on rookie quarterback Justin Fields.

You can check out Johnson’s entire segment on the Jim Rome Show here.