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The Ryan Pace Bracket Challenge Semifinal 2 (Management)

Ryan Pace came to Chicago having been the director of Pro Personnel for the Saints. His prior job experience was on the management side of football operations. Does that show in his moves? It depends on whether you’re talking about Akiem Hicks of Mike Glennon.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

After trading Anthony Miller for something, it’s clear that whatever his virtues and vices, Ryan Pace seldom takes a day off. The man is always working at his craft. On the management side of things, fans have mixed opinions of the work he has done in assembling a team that always seems to be “almost” ready to turn the corner. However, it’s also pretty clear that fans feel one side of the ball has been managed better than others.

The candidates for his best two moves both involve defenders, and those players have defined the reinvented defense. The contenders who are at the core of his worst two moves are both quarterbacks.


#1: Khalil Mack - did Pace give up too much for the All-Pro, or was the trade for Mack what was needed to spark the only winning season the Bears have had during the Ryan Pace era? Mack has been ferocious, but he does not seem to break games open the way fans were hoping, or expecting, of him when the colossal trade happened. To be fair, the attention he commands gives plenty of other players their opportunities to do more.

#2: Akiem Hicks - Hicks cost no picks, only cash. It is debatable whether or not the defense would have turned around without Mack’s presence, but it is also hard to say that the defense plays at the same level when #96 is out.


#1: Signing Mike Glennon - Pace bid against himself to get the services of a player who was never more than a mid-tier backup, and whose uninspired play was so predictable that the move was mocked by most of the football world as soon as it was made. The argument that Glennon was a smokescreen helps little when Pace still had to trade up to secure his guy, and it helps even less when “his guy” turned out to be a bust.

#3: Nick Foles - the former Super Bowl MVP was brought in as either backup to or competition for Trubisky. He managed to be the worst of both worlds in terms of deal, in that he brought with him an unwieldy contract and he cost draft capital. Worse, he never delivered on the field.

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Which was Ryan Pace’s best management move?

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  • 50%
    #1: Trading for Khalil Mack
    (214 votes)
  • 50%
    #2: Signing Akiem Hicks
    (214 votes)
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Which was Ryan Pace’s worst management move?

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  • 60%
    #1: Signing Mike Glennon
    (260 votes)
  • 39%
    #3: Trading for Nick Foles
    (169 votes)
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