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Justin Fields is the highest rated Madden QB for the Bears in a while

NFL: Chicago Bears OTA Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

EA Sports plans to reveal their Madden NFL 22 ratings in an all-week event that got started yesterday in a kickoff special when they announced their top rookies. The Chicago Bears had one such rookie make their initial list, and his inclusion came as no surprise when considering the hype surrounding the former Ohio State QB.

Here are their top 10 rated rookies.

Fields was the 11th overall player picked in the 2021 NFL Draft, and the fourth quarterback picked, but what makes his 74 rating stand out even more is that it’s higher than the guy that finished Chicago’s 2020 season.

Fields’ 74 is better than what the Bears opened the 2020 Madden season with, as EA Sports had Mitchel Trubisky at 72 which was just a wee bit better than Nick Foles’ 71. For those wondering, Andy Dalton was a 72 for the Dallas Cowboys a year ago.

I haven’t been a consistent Madden player in years, so for those of you that play religiously, does having a better quarterback on your favorite team make your experience better?