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The Ryan Pace Bracket Challenge: Overtime!

Bears fans love their defensive stars, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that in a showdown between two monsters of the midway that there is a tie.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The final showdown is all but set, and quarterbacks have featured heavily in Pace’s best and worst moves. Except in terms of the best moves Pace has made. There, there is continued disagreement. When the polls closed, 428 votes had been cast in the showdown between Pace’s best management move. Those votes split perfectly evenly.

How many fans voted for the blockbuster trade that sent a pair of first-rounders to Jon Gruden in order to secure the services of All-Pro Khalil Mack? 214.

How many fans voted for the chance given to former rotational piece Akiem Hicks to clear the way for him becoming an anchor on the defense? 214.

Because this is a fan-based challenge and because we love to see members active in the comments section, the tie-breaker is going to involve the comments. Make your argument below for either the Khalil Mack trade or the Akiem Hicks signing. Whichever argument has the most recs after 24 hours will win and advance the final in the “best move” category, where the decision to trade up and draft Justin Fields awaits.