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Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy have thoughts on Justin Fields, training camp, competition, and more

Check out everything from the Chicago Bears press conferences today that featured Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy, Andy Dalton, Roquan Smith, and Allen Robinson.

With all the Chicago Bears players reporting today at Halas Hall, general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy met the media today to discuss several topics, and you can watch their full press conference in the video above. Quarterback Andy Dalton, inside linebacker Roquan Smith, and wide receiver Allen Robinson also sat in for some questions as well, and their pressers can be found a bit further down the page.

The mood from Pace and Nagy was upbeat, as one would expect at this time of year, but there was an extra glimmer in their eyes knowing that Justin Fields is on their roster. Nagy didn’t even give a direct “no” when asked about Fields wining the starting quarterback job this time. He mentioned all three of his QBs competing this offseason before ending with a, “We don’t even get into that part of it, we just say listen, go play ball, be the best you can be. Trust me, just like everyone here and in this city, I want Justin Fields to be electric. For us, we’re worried about today.”

Nagy was asked what happens if Fields “crushes” it in preseason, and with a big smile on his face he said, “that would be awesome,” then doubled down with another “that would be awesome.”

Yes it would.

A few other nuggets form their presser.

  • Pace said he’s fairly certain the Bears roster is 85% vaccinated already, and with new COVID protocols in place that’s a good thing for the team as they prepare for the 2021 season.
  • Rookie left tackle Teven Jenkins will be competing with Elijah Wilkinson.
  • Robert Quinn, who has been battling injuries his entire time with the Bears, is healthy and ready to go.
  • Kindle Vildor is in the mixt to start at corner.
  • Eddie Goldman is back!

Check out the full presser above to hear everything they had to say.

The Bears starting QB, Andy Dalton, has impressed the team thus far, and he has a firm grasp of all the excitement that surrounds the team right now.

“I’m not worried about all the stuff that’s going to be going on with Justin because that doesn’t affect me. At the end of the day, it’s what I’m going to be doing and everything. Justin and I have a really good relationship and I’m trying to help him out as much as I can.”

Check out Dalton’s full press conference right here.

Roquan Smith has been front and center a few times for the Bears this offseason in these press conference settings, so does that make him the face of the defense?

The Bears picked up his fifth year option, which makes the next logical step a long term extension, and there have been a couple inside linebacker getting paid of late. When asked bout his contract status Smith said, “My time will come. I’m not too worried about that,” and that he’s just focused on getting better this year.

Check our Roquan’s entire time behind the mic here.

Allen Robinson wearing a KISS shirt at his presser just moved him up my list of all-time favorite Bears.

A-Rob will be playing on the franchise tag this year, but his contract isn’t a motivating factor for him in 2021. “I’m not really focused on that,” Robinson said. “I just want to go out there and be the best player I can be. Everything else when it comes to that stuff for the most part will take care of itself.

“We’ve been 8-8 the past two years. That’s all the motivation in the world right there.”

He had some praise for his fellow starting wide out, Darnell Mooney. “I think the sky is the limit. He’s a guy who wants to get better, and he’s very eager about it,” and this Robinson quote about Fields is a beautiful thing to hear, “Definitely has the first guy in, last guy out mentality.”

You can check out Robinson’s full press conference in this video.