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Day 4 Bears Training Camp Recap: Sean Desai’s defense standing out

The Chicago Bears defense may have had the upper hand the last few days of camp, but the quarterbacks and the offense has been making some strides.

Chicago Bears Training Camp Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears held their fourth training camp practice at Halas Hall, and so far things have been moving along as expected. After scouring Twitter for reports from the beat writers and fans, including our guy @TJStarman, it seems the defense is ahead of the offense, which is normal for this time of year, and the 2021 quarterback room has been performing better than the group from last year.

The team is still practicing in just shells and shorts, but the intensity has been there from the players, even if the intensity has been lacking from the sparse crowd.

Head coach Matt Nagy talked about the defense needing to take the ball away more this season, so defensive coordinator Sean Desai has a blue takeaway bucket on the practice field for their players to dunk and celebrate any takeaways they get.

“We’re just trying to emphasize the details that we believe lead to takeaways,” Desai said when he met the media from Halas Hall yesterday. “I think through that and through that process of emphasizing that and getting the focus and the minds in the places that we want them, they’ll come. Takeaways come in bunches. There’s an energy that’s created about that. There’s been a lot of up years and a lot of down years in terms of takeaways. But when they come, they’ll come.”

See the takeaway bucket in action right here.

Now let’s hit on some Tweets from camp...