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Video: Eddie Goldman is getting ready

Another work out video has surfaced featuring the Bears big nose tackle.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Depending on the source, Eddie Goldman is either contemplating retirement, which was recently reported by the Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs, or he’s getting himself ready to be at Chicago Bears training camp, which was reported by our guy Bill Zimmerman a couple weeks ago.

Goldman could easily end the will he or won’t he play speculation by simply making a statement himself or by issuing a press release through the Bears public relations team, but it seems he’s content to stay quiet.

We’ll all know Goldman’s status for sure when the players report to Halas Hall the last week of July for training camp, but in the meantime there has been another work out video put out on social media featuring Chicago’s big nose tackle.

Him being back in the Chicagoland area (SPEAR Training is in Vernon Hills) is a good sign that Zimmerman’s report has a bit more truth behind it than the one about Goldman retiring, but you never can tell these days.

In case you missed the previous Goldman work out clip that was shared last month, here you go.

What do you guys think; is Goldman just staying in shape, or is he getting his body ready for the grind of a 17 game NFL season?